Wednesday, April 8, 2009

News Round-up: New GH Nurses' Hub, DANTE'S COVE

Reconstructive Surgery: Inside GENERAL HOSPITAL's Makeover
On April 14, not long before it becomes the first ABC sudser to broadcast in high definition, GENERAL HOSPITAL will unveil a new nurses' hub, that pivotal set's first freshening-up in many a year. And it's well-deserved, too, since the location was blown to bits last month as the casualty of a plot twist. GH production designer Chip Dox offered an inside look at how and why the hospital's nerve center got a much-needed redo.

Dox: It is definitely smoother. The hi-def cameras also are more saturated, so the colors come out clearer and truer. The hospital had a tendency to look gray, but the new cameras grab the light in a terrific way. So the shady, scary warehouse scenes we're known for will look a lot better!

MSN TV had the opportunity to talk to the cast and get a first look at the new hub to see their reactions and find out what it is about GH that has captivated audiences for the past 46 years.

Here! Says DANTE'S COVE Will Return For Season 4
The Here! gay and lesbian network said production will begin this fall on the fourth season of gothic soap opera DANTE'S COVE.

The next 10-episode season picks up after the near annihilation and total destruction of the cove. "Still reeling from the dark apocalypse that nearly destroyed the island, hidden secrets and new rivalries bring even more deadly consequences for the island's sexy young residents," the network said. "With mysterious new characters and an even steamier plot, season four shatters lives and contains a mind-blowing twist that leaves the island's inhabitants shaken to their core."

GL's Doris –my hero?
Mindschmootz write: "Doris doesn’t possess enough courage to live a complete truth in her own life, but today she is donning the honesty cape and becoming a super woman for Olivia. Using her x-ray vision, Doris can see right through Olivia’s desire to do the 'right thing' by bandaging over her bleeding, transplanted heart and sacrificing her own happiness to give Nat what she thinks will make her happy. Faster than our ability to forward through other parts of the show, and able to leap martyred BS in a single bound, Doris encourages Olivia to stop the wedding and tell Natalia how she feels. Natalia deserves the right to choose."

GL discussion on "BuzzWorthy Radio"
Fans dissected the latest developments with GUIDING LIGHT and talked about fan efforts to save the show.

What’s Wrong and Right with Soap Operas… GUIDING LIGHT
"Incredibly well-written and amazingly well-acted, this is what soaps should strive to be, slices of daily life with fascinating, angsty, interesting, slightly out-there twists and turns thrown in for fun."

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