Sunday, April 12, 2009

News Round-up: Kanakaredes, ASME, Twittersphere

Melina Kanakaredes writes episode of CSI: NEW YORK
In addition to starring in the series, the former GUIDING LIGHT actress also wrote the May 13 episode.

The episode will spark never-before-realized chemistry between Stella and Mac (Gary Sinise) and “unravels something personal in Stella’s life. She was orphaned as a child and may find out who her biological parents are.”

ASME Calls ESPN, EW on the Carpet Over Covers
The American Society of Magazine Editors has criticized ESPN the Magazine and Entertainment Weekly for recent ads involving the magazines' covers, which are traditionally considered sacred editorial space. But some advertisers, publishers and even editors are arguing that readers are savvier than they used to be -- and that print shouldn't compete at a disadvantage to every other medium.

Can Twittersphere Save CHUCK?
The Twitterverse and blogosphere rose up last week up in a preemptive bid to keep NBC’s CHUCK on the air. Unlike prior Save Our Show campaigns, the Save Chuck movement didn’t begin with loyal fans launching an Internet petition or buying an ad in a Hollywood trade paper. Instead, this revolution was sparked by the decision of well-established TV blogger Kath Skerry to change the name of her site for a week. suddenly became Ms. Skerry declared it “Chuck Week” on her blog and turned over the whole of her home page to collecting news about what was being done to make sure CHUCK wasn’t ... chucked.

New Book: "The Television Horrors of Dan Curtis"
Jeff Thompson introduces us to pioneering director Dan Curtis in the opening chapter of his recently released book, "The Television Horrors of Dan Curtis," providing an overview of his career from his classic horror films to his WWII epic mini-series’ The Winds of War and War and Remembrance. Chapter two delves into the world of DARK SHADOWS, the soap opera that ran for five years on ABC. You’ll see how Curtis managed to film five episodes per week on a mere $70,000 budget. It was Curtis’ own daughters who suggested he turn the series from a mystery into full fledged horror with the vampire, Barnabas Collins, who Curtis intended only as a short-term series villain.

HOME AND AWAY set for second lesbian kiss
The Australian soap HOME AND AWAY is set to air a second lesbian kiss, despite criticism from a number of family groups after the first kiss was screened last week. Policewoman Charlie Buckton, played by Esther Anderson, is set to kiss Joey Collins (Katie Bell) in an upcoming episode, according to the Australian newspaper, the Herald Sun.

The first kiss last week was watched by 1.2 million viewers, almost 60,000 more than usual, but the show's producers have rejected suggestions the lesbian storyline was created simply to boost ratings. Bevan Lee, head of creative drama and development at Channel Seven, told Australian gay and lesbian news site Samesame: "The thing that saddens me, as a gay writer, is that a beautiful six-week story has been reduced to a facile argument about six missing seconds of screen time. What is a beautiful lesbian storyline has now been hijacked by interest groups, and it will now make it harder for us to do this in the future."

Luke Jacobz and Angelo Rosetta return to HOME AND AWAY
Luke Jacobz played police officer Angelo Rosetta, who killed one of the soap's most popular characters, Jack Holden in the last series. In a dramatic twist for fans, Jacobz says Rosetta will return to Summer Bay to conduct a special investigation.

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