Thursday, April 16, 2009

News Round-up: McClain, DH, Pre-emptions, Samia Smith

Cady McClain working her "taile off" at ATWT
"I am working my tail off, to continue the western metaphor. It’s funny how true it is in show business, that it’s feast or famine, and rarely much in between. Hey, I’m not complaining, I am simply re-learning how to take care of myself while working hard. It’s a balancing act, it’s like running a marathon, it’s discipline, it’s a pain in the ass!

"It’s great fun to see old friends, though. Maura is better than ever- she is truly one of the best actresses I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and a force of nature to boot. I keep looking at some of the women there and saying 'Am I a wimp? How do you guys keep up this pace? It’s only my second week and I’m exhausted!'"

Scoop on the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES season finale
Michael Ausiello reports: "Lily Tomlin returns to help her sis, Mrs. McCluskey, solve the Crazy Dave mystery once and for all. They better hurry up, 'cause I hear Edie's widower is going to take Susan on an impromptu fishing trip."

CAROLYN HINSEY: Did local stations need to pre-empt shows for Archbishop? I think not!
"This was a three-hour Catholic Mass that aired on channels 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 11 [in New York City], leaving non-Catholic fans of soaps, talk shows, game shows and news programs out in the cold. WABC anchor Bill Ritter called it a 'civic' ceremony, asserting that the New York Archbishop is more than just a religious leader, he is a cultural leader. Whose culture? It's overkill at best, and prejudicial at its worst."

GL fan has followed the soap for its entire 57-year TV run
Charlotte Weintraub just turned 88. She got addicted to GUIDING LIGHT when it was still a half-hour radio show, back in 1952. Her mother made her listen with her and translate everything into Yiddish.

Mom: "What'd she do? What'd she say?"

Charlotte: "I'll tell you later! It's only a half hour!"

Fifty-seven years later, Charlotte still puts on the show every afternoon at 3 in her cozy assisted living apartment at Menorah Manor in St. Petersburg.

Y&R's Tonya Lee Wiliams gets 'Reel' about films
She created the Reel World Film Festival in Toronto in 2001 after deciding to do something in her native Canada to bring attention to the talent north of the States. Williams is no stranger to the film festival circuit admitting that she’s been to them since she was 17 years old.

“I’ve been to festivals all over the world, and I found that most festivals have a segregated slant to them. Even if they say international in scope, it’s not to this ethnic diversity,” she described. “Toronto is such a melting pot of ethnically diverse people; I wanted to create something where the audience there had an opportunity to share the images together.”

WWL-TV morning anchor Eric Paulsen will be roasted by Christian LeBlanc and others
WWL-TV's Eric Paulsen is being roasted Friday night at the Intercontinental Hotel to benefit the Delgado Community College Foundation and he fully expects the roast to be "a blood bath."

There's a solid roster of roasters including friend Jay Thomas and Y&R star Christian LeBlanc.

CORRIE's Samia Smith mourns dad's death
CORONATION STREET actress Samia Smith has taken time off the show following the death of her father, Joseph. According to the Daily Mirror, with Maria currently a central character to the ITV soap's storylines, filming schedules for the show have had to be changed at the last-minute.

Upfronts 2009: Oxygen Focusing on Multiplatform Marketing, Merchandizing
Multiplatform marketing and merchandizing was the focus at Oxygen’s upfront presentation to reporters on Wednesday. The network introduced two new multiplatform initiatives – a marketing partnership with Crunch gyms tied to the new weight-loss competition series and an exclusive Web series with Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott.

Soap stars to attend Pet Rocks(R) Scavenger Hunt
I-STAR ENTERTAINMENT, LLC will stage a Pet Rocks(R) Scavenger Hunt in Roxbury Park, Beverly Hills, CA, on Saturday, April 18, at 12 Noon. Heather Tom, Shirley Jones, David Tom, Francia Rasia and Emily O'Brien are among the celebrities who will be attending.


  1. that article about GL is exactly the reason why this show needs to stay on the air. i hope ms. charlotte gets the opportunity to continue to watch the people of springfield well into her 90s. we'll just have to make sure she gets cable and that the time slot doesn't interfere with her early bird special!

  2. My problem with Hinsey's comment is that she continues to act as though a pre-emption is the end of the world. I commented on this when she was still blogging at the SOD site, but nothing has changed :).

    Pre-emption IS uncomfortable. Also, it DOES leave some viewers without computers or expanded cable "hung out to dry".

    But, in 2009, MOST viewers can catch up with episodes they have missed via legal (and, I guess, sometimes less legal) streams. Roger, you have a comprehensive list of all the ways to cope with pre-emption. So, I'm not sure it needs to be the federal case that Ms. H. makes it out to be.

  3. Mark, I actually agreed with a lot of Hinsey's points. I wondered myself yesterday as I was watching live when the Archbishop suddenly appeared on my screen instead of Otalia, why this particular event was newsworthy, not only as an interruption to GL, but it pre-empted the entire afternoon lineup in NYC on all the stations. And religious events from other religions don't warrant the same distinction.

    To your point, since it's 2009, and most people were working, streaming the press conference and ceremony online on the affiliates websites would make more sense, right? Versus people who DVR'd GL and got the Archbishop instead. ATWT and B&B fans were given warnings in the days leading up to Wednesday, but GL fans were not.

    It's very frustrating as a New York viewer, the biggest market in the US, to see how often the local station breaks into GL for non-"urgent" events. Definitely not the end of the world, but also no way to treat loyal viewers.

    My fear is with GL leaving CBS, this is only going to get worse.

  4. New York's new Archbishop Timothy Dolan on same-sex marriage: "Dolan said he would challenge any efforts to legalize same-sex marriage in New York, but insisted that his position was not anti-gay. 'We love them,' he said of gays and lesbians. 'We would defend their rights.' However, marriage must remain as it always has been, between one man and one woman, he said. 'If we let that definition of marriage go and begin to include other relationships, it will be to a detriment to the civilization,' he said."