Tuesday, April 28, 2009

News Round-up: Bipolar Disorder, Molly Burnett, BETTY

How is 90210 doing in their portrayal of bipolar disorder
Margarita Tartakovsky writes: "Overall, 90210 does a decent job of portraying bipolar disorder. The show focuses on a severe case, known as bipolar disorder I. However, many viewers might miss the fact that there’s a spectrum with shades of severity. Some people experience mild manic episodes — known as 'hypomania' — and deeper depressions. Others can cycle through depression and mania within a month, whereas some patients experience depression for a year. Simply put, everyone experiences bipolar disorder differently, so viewers shouldn’t assume that all individuals who have bipolar disorder act like Erin Silver."

ACA: Metered Bandwidth Pricing Is Coming
Metered bandwidth pricing for Internet service is coming, said cable executives gathered for the American Cable Association's (ACA) annual summit outside Washington Tuesday. Patrick Knorr of Sunflower Broadband, currently Ex-Officio chair of ACA, pointed out to reporters during a press conference that his company has been employing metered pricing for the past four years. Current ACA chairman Steve Friedman says his company, Wave Braodband, is gearing up for metered pricing. It has not been deployed yet, he said, while the company focuses on informing customers about it.

Panel debates future of television
What kind of content will continue to work on TV and what will migrate to the Internet was an underlying theme during a panel at the OnHollywood conference Tuesday.

NBC Entertainment co-chair Marc Graboff believes the two mediums will continue to co-exist. "Our research shows that the Internet is not cannibalistic," he said. "There will be network TV, but not exactly as we know it now. Big events like the Oscars will be its purview."

BermanBraun co-founder Lloyd Braun believes that there's a financial discrepancy between TV and online content that's hard to bridge. "Some content works well online, but when you try to apply a TV business model to that, it just doesn't pan out."

Who should guest on UGLY BETTY next?
UGLY BETTY returns Thursday, April 30, with new episodes and a host of A-list guest stars like Christine Baranski and Bernadette Peters. And now that the show has finally secured a spot in ABC’s fall line-up, cast members are making their guest wish lists for next season. “We’ve had every Broadway diva I’ve been obsessed with, but you know who I would love? Bette Midler!” Ana Ortiz told TV Guide Magazine at the Point Foundation’s New York City gala on April 27. “I think she would fit perfectly with our show,” agreed costar Vanessa Williams, who joined Ortiz and other cast members to support the show’s creator, Silvio Horta, as he accepted an award for his advocacy of the LGBT community.

INTERVIEW: DAYS' Molly Burnett (Melanie)
"Melanie is going to put her life on the line for Philip. I'm so excited about what we're working on because it's very much a Bonnie and Clyde kind of adventure!"

Schulenburg in "The Pink Campaign on Broadway"
The Young Professionals Committee of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, New York City Affiliate will present "The Pink Campaign on Broadway" at the American Airlines Theatre (227 West 42nd St). This one-night only event will take place on Monday, May 4, 2009. ATWT's Marnie Schulenburg is one of the performers.

GL's Branson and Driscoll on the cancellation by CBS
Jeff Branson (Shayne): “We held our breath to see if it was someone’s bad idea of an April Fool’s joke, but it wasn’t. Right now, nerves are really raw. Everybody’s really shocked at the timing because the ratings have been going up.”

John Driscoll (ex-Coop): “I couldn’t believe it. I really thought they were making some progress. But this ball had been put into motion a couple months beforehand. It’s frustrating, but it’s a business.”

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