Tuesday, April 21, 2009

News Round-up: 90210, Rachel Melvin, Samia Smith

INTERVIEW: 90210's Tori Spelling (Donna)
"I knew that for [the new version of 90210] to work you couldn't compare the two; it had to be its own show, with just a few fallbacks to the old show, which would be us. And I think they've done a good job of balancing that. ... I think it's definitely progressed with what's going on with teens presently. It's completely reflective. It's definitely a little more daring and a little more risqué, but that's pretty keeping in tune with how teens are nowadays."

90210's new boss lady talks about the dismissal of Dustin Milligan, the veteran actors & more
"I honestly think Dustin is such a good actor and such a lovely person. He is incredibly smart and perceptive and I loved working with him. At the end of the year [when I joined the show], I was really encouraging a dialogue between the writers and the actors and he was somebody who took me up on that. He was so thoughtful and careful about his ideas, and I was really impressed. So in my mind, it wasn’t about not liking Dustin, but [about] the character of Ethan. I felt [Ethan] didn’t allow me the freedom that I wanted. I really wanted a range between the characters and I didn’t feel like I could do with that character what I wanted to do with one of my core people. I think Dustin is amazing and he’ll do great. I was very honored to work with him, but he won’t be back."

On possible new characters: "There’s a range of teenagers I’d love to see. I’d love to see a surfer girl. I’d love to see a tennis player guy. I want to bring in the sunshine and sexiness of LA and balance our mix and allow our kids to find who they are."

RACHEL MELVIN: Frame of mind, state of mind
"I have officially unofficially been done with DAYS for almost a month, though my official last day will be when I film an additional two episodes I was asked to stay for at the beginning of May. But I've still looked at my life as being unemployed and trying to adapt to the abnormality of a consistent repetitive schedule. I have an abundent amount of time on my hands, and while at first this made me uncomfortable, I've learned to value the leisurely time I have that could suddenly be taken from me with the next job."

DAYS' Terrell Ransom Jr. Signs on to Raise Money for Walk Now for Autism
Y2 Management client Terrell Ransom Jr. (Theo, DAYS) is participating in Autism Speaks signature fundraiser Walk Now for Autism on April 25, 2009 with a goal of raising 10,000 for Autism Awareness. Co-stars James Reynolds and Renee Jones will join Ransom Jr. in the walk.

CORONATION STREET's Samia Smith Expecting a Baby
For Samia Smith, a 26-year-old actress appearing on the UK soap CORONATION STREET, the last few days have brought a whirlwind of emotion. In a state of mourning following her father’s death from cancer last week, today she revealed to The Sun that she is expecting her first child. "I am so pleased that we were able to tell my dad about the baby before he died."

Tax incentives key to U.S. production levels
The importance and value of production tax incentives was in focus during a panel of film office representatives here Tuesday morning. Asked if U.S. federal incentives would make sense now that 40 states and DC have incentives programs, most were in favor - although to different degrees. A federal program "would be of great value" as a supplement to states' efforts, said Richard Moskal, director of the Chicago Film Office.

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