Wednesday, April 22, 2009

News Round-up: 90210, Acting Police, GL Project

Happy Earth Day: Top Five Eco-Friendly TV shows or channels
24 tops the list: Fox's amped-up action adventure show claims that it has become carbon-neutral this season, offsetting 2,179 tons of CO2 emissions by using biodiesel and hybrid vehicles, purchasing renewable energy and buying carbon energy offsets. That's a lot of explosions and car crashes.

No 90210 Brenda-Donna reunion planned
As it stands, Tuesday was Spelling's last episode this season. Shannen Doherty appears in the May 19 finale.

Soap Opera Weekly's Mala Bhattacharjee: Put down the pee stick
"Okay, denizens of GENERAL HOSPITAL, it's great that Carly's pregnant and all, but put down the pee stick and back away with your contaminated hands in the air. I can't believe both Jason and Jax had to touch that thing — not to mention it just sitting around on Carly's furniture. Ew!"

Jennifer Gibbons writes: "I am announcing the GUIDING LIGHT Project here on Red Room! I will blog once a week about the show - be it an interview with one of the stars, a background history on one of the actors, or a particular storyline that broke ground in some way. This is an ongoing project and it will end on September 18th, the last day Guiding Light will air on CBS."

Acting Police: Soaps’ Worst Actors
TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco names his annual Top 10 worst actors on soaps.

MPAA reaches out to lawmakers
In Hollywood, as in D.C., image is everything, and a slew of showbiz heavyweights stormed Capitol Hill to convince lawmakers that, contrary to popular misperception, the entertainment industry is central to the nation's economy and even its recovery.

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