Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kim Zimmer on the End of GL on CBS

In advance of her appearance this weekend on the Soap Opera Mania Tour in Louisiana, Kim Zimmer spoke with The Times-Picayune and her years on GUIDING LIGHT and how she would like the show to end on CBS.

There have been so many changes on [GUIDING LIGHT] since 1983, and I have been able to maintain a 'through' line to this character while adjusting to different producers and different head writers. If it were just a job and a paycheck, I would have left years ago.

The actress says fans seldom blame her for any deviation of her character determined by a script.

Whenever I felt I wasn't the Reva fans wanted me to be, I would fight to maintain the backbone of the character. The only thing they blame on me is the 40 pounds I've gained. But some of them get off on the fact that we will lose this weight together.

Zimmer's contract ends in June, but some fans are hoping that when the show finishes on CBS in September Reva and Josh will be together again.

I don't know if we have enough time for that to happen. I would like for there to be a reason all the citizens of Springfield gather, perhaps the anniversary of the lighthouse. And the last show would be about the characters from the past with flashbacks of their lives.

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