Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Flashback Articles

As a lifelong fan of soaps, I try to respect the history of the genre. As a person who reads and seeks out historic articles on the genre, I post them here as often as I can, not only for the value of the individual stories but the historical context many of them provide.

In case you've missed some of these, I wanted to share some of my favorite classic articles that have been posted at We Love Soaps. There are many others you can read by clicking the "flashback" link at the top of the page.

- Joan Crawford Takes Daughter's Soap Opera Role 1968
- They're Happy To Be Hooked by Agnes Nixon 1968
- He's Wed to a Celebrity, She's Lee Phillip--and Their Marriage Is Successful 1958
- Lee Phillip is a Success in Any Rating 1976
- Susan's Very Handy Around the House 1968
- George Reinholt Soap Opera's Most Popular Idol 1971
- Tide Turns in Soaper Outlook 1963
- Career takes `Turn' for better but Andy Kavovit's success didn't come easy 1989
- Soap Opera Digest Finds Happiness People 1980
- Brenda Dickson, Tips From an Active Actress 1977
- Betty Corday: Ex-Actress Learns How to Produce on Daytime TV 1967
- C.B.S. Slipping From Long Daytime TV Lead 1972
- Soap Beat: Ellen Wheeler 1984
- Irna Phillips "Script Queen" 1940
- Irna Phillips "With Significance" 1945
- AIDS Is Causing Soaps To Return to Romance 1987
- The 'Soaps' Fade But Do Not Die 1960
- The World Has Turned More than 3,200 Times 1968
- Writer's Love Affair with 'Light" is Over 1982

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  1. I love these Flashback Articles! Thank you for posting them!!