Tuesday, April 28, 2009


With the passing of Bea Arthur, I'm reminded of many of the classic GOLDEN GIRLS episodes. One that came to mind was from season one in 1986 when Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche all had the flu at the same time. At one point, Blanche (ex-Caroline, ANOTHER WORLD) wants to watch ANOTHER WORLD.

Blanche: It's time for ANOTHER WORLD.

Dorothy: You can't watch ANOTHER WORLD.

Blanche: And why not?

Dorothy: Because you watched it yesterday.

Blanche: That's exactly why I have to watch it today, Dorothy, to find out what happens. That's why they always say, "stay tuned for the continuing story of ANOTHER WORLD."

Dorothy: Too bad, Blanche. Today is my day to choose and we are not watching ANOTHER WORLD!

A couple of years later Betty White guest starred on ANOTHER WORLD as Brenda Barlowe, an old girlfriend of Mac's, as part of "Where's Betty?", an NBC promotion,. Here's a clip from the GOLDEN GIRLS episode where the exchange above happens.


  1. These ladies were hilarious and you gotta love Blanche fer wantin' to watch our show. RIP Pussycat.

  2. I remember that episode.

  3. ~~~We'll love you always *Pussycat* >^..^<

    I'm surprised the article didn't mention Rue's run on Another world. She played *Caroline Johnson*. This is from Eddie's AWHP:

    First Appearance: July 1970
    Last Appearance: September 1971
    Portrayer: Rue McClanahan, July 1970 - September 1971.
    Relatives: Twin children (RIP).
    Spouses: Charles Johnson.
    Legal History: Kidnapped Michael and Marianne Randolph.
    Former Occupation: Nanny for Michael and Marianne Randolph. ...<<<