Friday, April 10, 2009

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Stars Sexy Photo Shoot

DAYS OF OUR LIVES stars Jay Kenneth Johnson, Shelley Hennig and Molly Burnett suds it up for a steamy soap opera photo shoot and ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT was there.

"If we get naked in a bathtub, do you think that will get more viewers?" Jay Johnson poses the question.

"We are used to do doing love scenes, so a photo shoot is the same thing … just less cameras," Shelley, who plays Stephanie Johnson, tells ET.

The three daytime stars are involved in a love triangle on DAYS. Philip Kiriakis (Johnson) is interested in Stephanie, but Melanie Layton (Burnett) is determined to break them up.

"I get to work with two beautiful ladies," Jay says. "I had three beautiful women chasing me around before. The guys were jealous."

Then it is time to strip down and get into the bubble bath, which the actors do without a qualm.

"I had Ben & Jerry's last night," Jay admitted.

But Stephanie was a little more concerned beforehand. She tells ET, "Coming from New Orleans, it is really hard for me to eat really well. What I try to do is workout as much as possible, but I still eat the foods that I like in small portions. Also, tanning lotion makes you look tan and ultimately thinner."

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  1. It won't be anything as sexy as when mom and pop, Steve and Kayla took a bath in the 80s. Too bad we aren't seeing them instead of Phillip and Stephanie.