Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Check out Tina Sloan's New Website

Tina Sloan has launched a new website at

CHANGING SHOES is the title of the website as well as the title of a play and book she's written. It is meant to appeal to all women who are getting older - going from spikey high heels to black low flats. She's hoping that since the play is filled with GUIDING LIGHT scenes, it will win the show new viewers and more attention.

When she did her first show in Florida a few weeks ago, she did a TV interview and talked about the play's opening, and of course, about GUIDING LIGHT. Two women she met later that day were enthralled when she told them about some of the storylines they are doing and are now new GL fans. This is what she wants to happen.

When the book is published, it will have lots of funny and happy GUIDING LIGHT stories from Tina's 26 years of living in Springfield and again, hopefully, will draw new fans. You can visit Tina's new website at She will her blog with new GL stories. You can also join Tina's Facebook group.

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