Friday, April 10, 2009

Bianca and Reese Fans "Defeat Prop 8" Fundraiser

To celebrate the recent historic marriage of ALL MY CHILDREN's Bianca and Reese, fans of the couple have launched a "Defeat Prop 8" auction and raffle fundraiser.

The fundraiser will occur in two parts. Starting today there will be two weeks of Ebay auctions of Bianca and Reese photos, as well as items signed by Eden Riegel, Tamara Braun and other special guests. There are also some items signed just by Eden Riegel.

For those who may not be able to bid on items, there is still a chance to own a moment from the "Bianca and Reese" love story. There will be a series of photos, magazine covers and "Defeat 8" posters signed by both Tamara Braun and Eden Riegel, and just signed by Eden Riegel. For every $5.00 donated, you will receive three raffle tickets and chances to win one of the prizes.

The raffles will run from the April 17-29, and details on specific raffle items will be posted on April 17.

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  1. This would probably be more effective if Reese hadn't been mackin' on a dude before the wedding and they wound up getting it annulled, what? The next day? I don't know. I watch Otalia over at "Guiding Light" **there's** a genuine ground-breaking soap super couple!