Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Otalia/Reese/Nuke/Brian Spoilers For Next Week

When did soaps get so may gay and lesbian characters? Okay, it's not a lot but three shows are going there at the moment which is nice. Major kudos to the shows who are telling these stories and any show that goes out of their way to add more diverse characters and stories.

Michael Logan is reporting in the new TV Guide that "the Reese-Zach atraction escalates" on ALL MY CHILDREN next week. "She's been struck blind and he heroically whisks her from the hospital."

What a complete let down after the Bianca-Reese "historic" wedding.

On AS THE WORLD TURNS, Laurence Lau returns for a day as the now out Brian. Will Lucinda be happy to see him? His return is supposed to have something to do with Luke's foundation, which has pretty much been forgotten for a while.

Meanwhile on GUIDING LIGHT, Olivia, who is struggling with her sexuality, "winds up in a lesbian bar and runs into a very prominent Springfield lady."

Who could that be? Doris? That was be interesting. How about Mel? She shared a drink with Olivia last week at Towers.


  1. As always, THANKS Roger! I hope SOD does a huge spread for Otalia soon.

  2. I totally thought Doris!!!