Monday, March 23, 2009

News Round-up: CZP, Kristen, Newman, Ford, Gregary

Colleen Zenk Pinter reveals the biggest challenge of her life – oral cancer
"The day after Thanksgiving 2008, I went back for further surgery to remove an enlarged lymph node along my jawline. I was scared to death. I ended up having a modified neck dissection–the doctors cut from just below my right ear to halfway across my neck (they stopped at the chin) and removed the lymph nodes.

The good news: 21 of the nodes tested negative. But one was so full of cancer it essentially exploded and was growing into the neck muscle wall. There's no way of knowing where else the cancer cells might have landed, so I'm in for four and a half weeks of radiation. I haven't started the radiation as I write this, but doctors tell me there will be severe side effects. I already have a pouchy neck and a 6-inch scar across it.

I don't know what my future will be, but I hope to get healthy and go back to work soon. Despite the change in my appearance, I know I'll always be welcome on AS THE WORLD TURNS – the cast is like my family."

INTERVIEW: ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Ilene Kristen (Roxy)
Kristen was a guest on "Robert Reid Live" this morning.

A Special Delivery for GUIDING LIGHT's Reva
“There’s so much grey area in the story that didn’t get told,” Kim Zimmer tells TV Guide Magazine. “I’d like to have seen more humor, like why the hell is a lady in her 50s getting knocked up? We had one scene with one stranger [expressing surprise]. It would have been interesting to see Reva try to get through a day without somebody whispering behind her back…because it is unusual. But maybe because anything’s possible with Reva — she was cloned for Christ’s sake! – the pregnancy was easily accepted.”

Deep Soap: Orlando In Bloom
Sara Bibel talks with GUIDING LIGHT stars Robert Newman and Marcy Rylan from Orlando.

Newman: "I’ve been through a zillion writing teams. Sometimes the same writing teams are on the ball and sometimes they’re not. I would imagine the same thing happens for actors. The writers probably look at us and go, 'Well, their just not having a good week.' Whatever’s clicked in, I’m glad it did."

More GL in Orlando: Autograph Sessions
Matt Palm of the Orlando Sentinel writes about meeting GUIDING LIGHT's Michael O'Leary (Rick), Beth Chamberlin (Beth), Tina Sloan (Lillian), and Grant Aleksander (Phillip).

Jessica Leccia on Her Favorite Maternity Outfits
“I just can’t wait for summer, when I can wear little dresses and the baby bump actually looks cute!”

INTERVIEW: Y&R's Clementine Ford (Mac)
On how she landed her new gig at Y&R: "I’ve known Greg Rikaart [who plays Kevin] for years and have a sneaking suspicion he had something to do with this. He’s been so helpful to me. He said, 'The great thing about soaps is that you can fumble one day and reinvent yourself the next.' And that’s good because, to be honest, I think I may have done some really bad acting the first week just trying to keep up. But I’m getting the swing of it now."

INTERVIEW: Y&R's James Michael Gregary (Clint)
"Around the time when Jeanne [Cooper, Kay/ex-Marge] began the whole double thing, I'd gone up to visit. I always go and see her outside of the studio. I was in Jeanne's dressing room and [Associate Producer] Josh O'Connell was also there. Jeanne suggested I go talk to [Head Writer] Maria Bell, so I did. Maria was just trying to brainstorm about what had happened with Kay and Marge. She remembered most of the story, but wanted to get all of the details. We sat and talked for a few minutes and had a great chat. We talked about Clint and Gina and Clint and Marge, but I just thought it was a brainstorming session. I knew that Jeanne was lobbying for me to return because she's been so for years. But I never gave it serious thought. I came back home and then Josh called me. I was shocked, but it was a wonderful surprise. I started doing it and it turned out to be a great ride."


  1. i don't know about anyone else, but i think jessica's baby bump already looks cute.

  2. you *KNOW* i loved that Ilene Kristen interview!!!!!