Monday, March 16, 2009

News Round-up: FNL Up, Don Diamont, Housewives Kiss

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS up in the ratings this week
Friday night's episode, "Game of the Week," had 4.4 million viewers.

Jeff Burton appears on GH on Wednesday and ESPN the Magazine covers the cameo.

DEEP SOAP: Alvin Is No Longer The Creepiest Chipmunk
Sara Bibel writes: "Thanks to THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, I have gone from associating mascots with unusual sexual behavior to actually fearing them. Kevin’s descent into Stockholm syndrome is creeping me the hell out. Whoever came up with the bizarre idea of having a brainwashed Kevin rob a bank while wearing a giant chipmunk head… keep on using whatever substances led you that inspiration. I found it both darkly comic and unsettling."

Don Diamont on joining THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL
“Bill was like a father to me and helped get me through some rough times,” says Diamont, who lost his own father, and a brother, to cancer early in his Y&R run. “In my home there are no signs of what I do for a living, except for a photo of me with Bill and a framed letter he sent me that says Y&R will always be here for you.’ As it turned out, Y&R wasn’t always there for me now that Bill’s gone, but Brad certainly lived up to the feeling his dad had for me.” In fact, Diamont’s Y&R character was named after Brad Bell. “And now I’m playing a guy named Bill, which is amazing,” the star notes. “I intend to do him proud.”

VIDEO: At Last! Teri and Eva Smooch Televised
Teri Hatcher and Eva Longoria shared an on-screen kiss on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. It finally aired on Sunday night. It was actually a double-kiss.

Melissa George fondly remembers her Aussie soap days
It's a long way from HOME AND AWAY to GREY'S ANATOMY but Melissa George looks back on her beginnings with the Aussie soap fondly.

"I think I did some strong work there," she says of her time with the teen drama that gave her a start nearly two decades ago. I was only 16 years old; half my lifetime ago. I was really surprised at my maturity."

PATRICK ERWIN: A wobbly “World” (Part II)
Erwin makes suggestions on what AS THE WORLD TURNS could do to improve.

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