Sunday, March 8, 2009

News Round-up: THE L Word, Save FNL, Chapman

THE L WORD says goodbye
Showtime's groundbreaking show about L.A. lesbians — THE L WORD — will move off camera tonight, stage left.

“It put a face to almost an invisible community,” said Donna Arias, a Palm Springs resident and fan of the show. “I was glued to it.”

Arias said she originally tuned in to see how the show would portray lesbians. The guys have shows — think QUEER AS FOLK — why not one for the gals, Arias said. Then she got hooked.

TV land has done the gay sidekick or a gay coach — think WILL & GRACE or QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY — but lesbians on the boob tube? Not so much. Except the final season of ELLEN, after she came out for real. But then again, Hollywood gave ELLEN the pink slip.

Created by Ilene Chaiken, THE L WORD first hit the airwaves in 2004. Starring Jennifer Beals and Pam Grier, the show revolves around a group of trendy and mostly upper-middle class lesbians in West Hollywood.

Spoiler alert: Showtime execs have confirmed that Chaiken has shot an online spin off staring one of the show's favorite characters, Alice Pieszecki (Leisha Haley), headed to prison for murder.

Tonight's BROTHERS & SISTERS writer was an unpaid intern at GH
While at the University of Michigan, where she majored in screenwriting and Judaic studies, Beth Schwartz had an unpaid summer internship on the set of GENERAL HOSPITAL.

This is the second episode Schwartz has cowritten for BROTHERS & SISTERS. She especially likes writing for the sister characters, Flockhart, who plays Republican Party operative Kitty Walker, and Rachel Griffiths, who plays oldest sister Sarah.

FNL's Scott Porter on his final four episodes
"Texas Forever could have been a cheesy catchphrase on any other show. Not on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS though. Those two words carried more meaning than I could've ever imagined from the Pilot on. Every time we said it on the show, it was said from a place deep within the heart. They are words that carry with them, friendship and hope for a future that seemed beyond the grasp of these kids. We said these two words sparingly. Using them only when true friendship was so apparent that there was nothing else to say. Thank you so much for watching the show over these past years. Thank you for allowing these characters to live. Thank you to everyone involved with the show. Cast, Crew, Producers, Writers, Directors. I've said it before and I'll say it again. We caught lightning in a bottle here. We are a special show because of our trust, respect for each other, and dedication to making this show unique and real. I love you all, and I hope this show continues for years and years. Texas Forever."

Mike Vaccaro of the NY Daily News wants FNL saved
"Those of you with DirecTV already know this, of course, but we are now eight episodes into Season Three of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS on NBC, and if there has ever been an eight-episode arc of any show that's been as good as this one, I'd like to know what it was. This show needs to be saved as much as a public service as anything else."

FNL down 10 percent this week
The show had 3.82 million viewers on Friday night.

Y&R's Chapman does "Lunch with Lori"
Judith Chapman (Gloria) was one of three "divas" who were part of a "Lunch with Lori" charity auction prize. The other divas were Lindsay Wagner (THE BIONIC WOMAN) and Susan Stafford (the original pre-Vanna letter turner on WHEEL OF FORTURN).

REVIEW: B&B's 20th Anniversary Book
Tommy Garrett of the L.A. Canyon News raves about the book and the show.

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