Tuesday, March 24, 2009

News Round-up: KNOTS, Online TV, Dicopoulos, Takeout

TV Land to honor KNOTS LANDING
TV Land announced today that it will pay tribute KNOTS LANDING at the 7th Annual TV Land Awards. The show will receive the "Anniversary Award". KNOTS debuted 30 years ago and ran until 1993.

Free online TV a threat to industry
More and more viewers will be lured away from broadcast and cable TV to ad-funded online entertainment, available to viewers for free. But online piracy -- another form of free-to-view digital entertainment -- is the industry's biggest threat. That was the opinion of industryites at London-based media research company Screen Digest's annual Peve Digital Entertainment Conference, according to a confab report released Tuesday.

INTERVIEW: GUIDING LIGHT's Frank Dicopoulos (Frank)
On his involvement in the "Loukoumi's Good Deeds" book: "We were all together and each person went in [to the studio] and did their thing. I've known Olympia for a while and I knew Constantine as well. Not really from his stint in daytime but from IDOL. We also met during the Greek parade. He was another honored guest. My daughter [Olivia, Maureen, GL] was totally in love with him and she was all embarrassed. I said, "Oh, come on! Meet Constantine!" Now we're all really good friends! We hang out and we're all part of this project and believe in it. It's wonderful."

MICHAEL FAIRMAN: GL in Orlando recap
"The autograph line for Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia was HUGE. It was triple any other autograph lines of the day, and fans came out from across the country for it. 'Team Otalia' spread their love and their purple power."

Darin Brooks to appear on BONNIE HUNT on Thursday
DAYS OF OUR LIVES star Darin Brooks will be appearing on THE BONNIE HUNT SHOW on Thursday, March 26. Check your local listings for details.

Social Networkers With Multiple Profiles Skew Young, Tech-Savvy
According to Nielsen’s recent “Global Faces And Networked Places” report, the biggest increase in unique visitors to Member Community Web sites during 2008 was among 35-49 year olds. The social networking trend has moved well beyond early adopters to become an integral part of most users’ Web experience. However, among adults with more than one social networking profile, the profile still skews young and tech savvy.

Brits eat takeout while watching soaps
Most Brits order a takeout at a time so it arrives just before the start of their favorite soap, research has found. 6.50pm is said to be a peak time for people ordering a Indian, Chinese or Pizza with the delivery time meaning it arrives just as EastEnders or Coronation Street begins.


  1. purple power was in full effect in orlando on saturday. and we were definitely infecting the masses with otaliaitis!

    i can't wait to see what michael has up his sleeve with the "otalia mania". i don't remember half of what i said to him. it'll be a nice reminder to see it in print.

    the sunburn was totally worth getting the opportunity to meet crystal and jessica, and, yes, even frank. we otaliafans are a vocal group and we will continue to be. we believe in this story and we support our girls.

    viva la otalia! and keep the otalia stories coming. i can't get enough.

  2. I sooo wish I could have been there. Hurray for Collins & Co from the BPD board for getting there and twittering it for us!

    Yay for Purple Power! Otalia all the way!