Monday, March 2, 2009

Mobile Video Viewing Grows 9% In Q4 2008

In Q4 of 2008, 11.2M people watched tv or video on their cellphones according Nielsen, an increase of 9% over the previous quarter. The report tracks usage by demographics, types of content viewed, engagement, devices used and more. The number of mobile video subscribers grew overall as well to 18.6M, a jump of 13% over the previous quarter.

Key findings in the Mobile Video Report
* 51% of mobile video viewers surveyed reported that they are new to the medium, viewing for less than 6 months
* Viewers are spending an average 17 sessions per month viewing video on their cell phones. They are watching an average of 15 minutes per session
* On average, teens watch 22 mobile video sessions per month and spend 20 minutes per session viewing mobile video
* 63% of teens report watching programs to completion-the highest portion of any age group
* 11% of total mobile video viewers report the iPhone as their primary cell phone

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