Monday, March 2, 2009

Daytime Emmy Acting Category Rules

It appears that one of last year's bad ideas, only one round of judging, is back. I would much rather the final nominees be judged once they are determined.


For the pre-noms:
An Internal (In-Studio) Performer Pre-Screen ballot for each of the Drama Performer Categories will be assigned to registered, eligible judges only. Judges may include Performers, Producers and Directors. They will vote only upon entries submitted for the program on which they currently work. The 2 performers per show, per category, receiving the most votes will advance to a single Blue Ribbon round of judging. Those and only those entrants selected by each show via internal ballot will be required to submit DVDs.

For both One Hour and Half Hour Programs: You may submit a clip reel with an unlimited number of scenes from One Episode. You may exclude scenes with no speaking role. No internal editing. No more than 25% of submission may be from material prior to 2008.

You must submit a “Plot Summary” Word Document attachment on your online entry form that includes the following: A synopsis of events/plot summary, defined as a description of contextual character placement and story arc within the season and series, limited to 200 words per episode (strictly enforced). Synopses will appear on the ballot as typed by entrant. Please remember to proof read and spell check. Any submitted material that aired in a year previous to 2008, must be acknowledged in this document as well.

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