Thursday, February 26, 2009

News Round-up

Teri Hatcher had "fun" kissing Eva Longoria caught up with the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star over the weekend at an Oscar bash, and she talked about her upcoming show smooch with costar Eva Longoria Parker.

"I did not kiss her. She kissed me," Hatcher told Us. "We had fun."

SOD: Daytime Emmy Update
"There will definitely be a broadcast and it will be a cool event!" confirms an insider. The nominations will be announced for the 36th Annual Daytime Emmy awards in late April. The broadcast is slated for early June."

EDITOR'S NOTE: "Insiders" have talked to a number of soap websites and blogs recently, or are anonymously posting around the internet. I don't visit them, but are the talk show and game show and court show websites discussing this as much? Their shows are part of the Daytime Emmys too. By the way, I read another "insider" saying yesterday that the show definitely would not be in June. Who do we believe?

GUIDING LIGHT's Jeff Branson to star in "The Short Bus" reading
Branson (Shayne) will join Kelli Porterfield and Nedra McClyde in a reading of The Short Bus by Adrian Palacios at 8pm on Thursday, March 5 at the LGBT Center in New York.

The play, to be directed by Fritz Brekeller, tells the story of a brilliant, over-achieving orphan whose confession to an affair with a special ed student shatters the lives of everyone riding a short school bus home from a show choir competition. For more information, visit

Paul Fitzgeral makes another GUIDING LIGHT appearance
Fitzgerald returns as Reva’s doctor, Colin McCabe, on Wednesday, March 4.

Brittany Snow joining GOSSIP GIRL spin-off
The former GUIDING LIGHT actress will play young Lily.

Did new relationships hurt UGLY BETTY?
"BETTY began the season with promise, but after the first four weeks the series began to run off the rails. Too much of the story took place outside of Mode. Or when it was at Mode it was too much about relationships. But the relationships have been total snoozers. The show has given us no reason to care about Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) and her guy or Daniel (Eric Mabius) and his girl because the new love interests were not well drawn. These characters have little personality or appeal."

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