Thursday, February 26, 2009

News Round-up

Sara Foster joins 90210 cast, Green next?
Foster has been cast as Naomi's sister, Jen. She'll debut in April and make a beeline for Mr. Matthews. Also, word around the Peach Pit is that producers are once again pursuing Brian Austin Green for an episode.

90210 to honor late director
The show is dedicating the March 12 episode to its late, beloved director Kim Manners, who passed away on Jan. 25.

INTERVIEW: B&B's Dan Martin (Brad)
"It was gratifying to be nominated [for an Image Award] and recognized by peers but I do what I do to create art. To what accomplish what I have coming from cold mining territory outside of Pittsburgh, PA is unfathomable to become a soap star and movie actor."

HOLLYOAKS to explore HIV discrimination
HOLLYOAKS is famous for tackling real-life issues, and the teen soap is set to explore prejudice towards HIV sufferers next week. Viewers were appalled a few months ago when Malachy Fisher was diagnosed with HIV but continued to have unprotected sex with then girlfriend Mercedes McQueen, who was oblivious to his condition.

After a turbulent few months the couple reunited and married shortly afterwards. However, the subject of Malachy's condition will come up once again when it emerges that Myra McQueen is scared she could catch the virus by simply touching her new son-in-law.

Glen Wallace, who plays Malachy on the Cheshire-set soap, feels the storyline has been a long time coming. He said: "HOLLYOAKS has a track record of tackling big issues, be it Nico's [Newt's] mental illness or the bulimia storyline we had quite recently. The HIV storyline is relevant to today's youth culture, and as they're the ones watching the show we can tackle the issues in a sensitive way."

HOLYOAKS boys to play Chestnut Tree House charity football match in Worthing
For one day only, television heart-throbs will be strutting their stuff on the pitch at Worthing Football Club. Male stars from the popular Channel 4 soap HOLYOAKS have agreed to play a charity match against staff from Worthing-based telecommunications company, Systemcare. Hollyoaks actors including Ricky Whittle, who plays Calvin, Chris Fountain, who plays Justin, and Stuart Manning, who plays Russ, will make up an 11-man team.

More on the upcoming GREEK season
Michael Ausiello reports: "Bummed that Rusty and Dale are no longer roomies? You're going to be very pleased with what happens in the closing minutes of episode 4. Also, get ready for Rebecca Logan: Double Agent."

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