Wednesday, February 25, 2009

News Round-up

DEGRASSI co-creator celebrated as maverick
DEGRASSI co-creator Linda Schuyler is being recognized with the Female Eye Maverick Award. The prize is a newly created honour by the Female Eye Film Festival, an annual Toronto showcase of features, short films and documentaries by female directors.

Campbell execs to make ALL MY CHILDREN cameo
While some executives sign off on integration deals, few are expected to actually play themselves as part of the branded move. Yet two Campbell's Soup heads will do just that, appearing as themselves on ALL MY CHILDREN this Thursday.

The appearance is the lynchpin in a three-show integration with ABC Daytime. Campbell's media agency, Mediaedge:cia, brokered the deal, developed by ABC Sales' integrated-marketing and promotion division.

"ABC Daytime delivered a strategic media solution to Campbell's heart-health marketing objective, and we are thrilled to see all four daytime shows working in unison to support this very important initiative," said Mike Shaw, ABC Television's president-sales and marketing, in a statement.

Deep Soap: Everybody Hates Reese
"ALL MY CHILDREN's writing staff has finally seen the light. Reese is not the world’s most awesome lesbian. She’s not even a lesbian. Watching the entire town of Pine Valley line up to take pot shots at her serves as the show’s mea culpa to the audience for shoving the unlikable pathetic character down our throats for months."

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: DAYS' Kenny Jezek (Lars)
Kenny Jezek, who played Lars Englund on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, has formed Command Performers, a Valley-based theater troupe. Jezek has connections in the Christian film community - specifically Advent Film Group ­- and wants to get some of his performers apprenticeships or small parts in movie projects.

Jezek, whose wife, Karen, was also a former soap star, spent many years in TV, movies and musicals, playing the role of someone else. His goal with his newly formed troupe is to give others a firm foundation in that arena - in a family-friendly environment.

"I want to keep it where a person can go and watch and not feel like, 'Oh, I wish they hadn't said that or done that,'" Jezek said.

INTERVIEW: DAYS' John Callahan (Dr. Baker)
"Dr. Baker the Baby Maker has a nice ring to it. I don't know what they will do with me. The writers are very mum about it and play their cards close to the vest. I really, honestly, don't know where they are going to go with the character, but they do have some talented writers on the show and Gary Tomlin is a great executive producer. I am looking forward to reading what is next! I hope you and the fans will be pleased with what comes next."

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: James Goodwin (ex-Kevin, AW; ex-Johnny, GL)
"I am now living in Austin, TX with Michelle, my wife of 25 years, my sons Zane, a sophomore in genetic engineering at St. Edward’s University, and Ben, a Junior in High School, and my two Welsh Pembroke Corgis, Oscar and Ellie. I now perform on a regular basis at the Zachary Scott Theatre ( and am currently performing in the World Premiere production of Steven Dietz’s 'Shooting Star' which runs until April 5. Although acting is my hobby now, it is what gives me true joy."

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