Tuesday, February 10, 2009

News Round-up

Nathan Purdee returns to ONE LIFE TO LIVE
SoapOperaDigest.com is reporting that Nathan Purdee, who played ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Hank Gannon from 1992 to 2003, is set to return to Llanview. His first airdate is April 1. Hank is one of Nora's ex-husbands — they have daughter Rachel together — and one of Bo's best friends.

Phil Carey: An Appreciation
Carolyn Hinsey remembers the late actor: "Hanging out with Phil Carey was like stepping into a night out in old Hollywood. You'd start an interview about something current happening on ONE LIFE TO LIVE and pretty soon he'd be quoting John Wayne and telling you to turn off the tape recorder. But every once in a while, he let me leave it on."

The Tao Of David
Are you seeking inner peace like David Vickeroshi on ONE LIFE TO LIVE? Or are you just plain confused by his gibberish? Either way, Soap Opera Digest's handy guide to David's Buddhist ways will set you straight — on the path to enlightenment, that is!

Gloria Loring at Grammys with son Robin Thicke
Robin Thicke, the blue eyed soul man, roamed backstage with both of his parents, Alan Thicke and mom Gloria Loring, the singer-actress and former star of DAYS OF OUR LVIES. When Thicke spotted Stevie Wonder he literally jumped him with a bear hug. Stevie didn’t mind; the guy’s talented, after all

AMC's Walt Willey to be part of Surflight Theatre season
ALL MY CHILDREN star Walt Willey (Jackson) will be part the upcoming 60th anniversary season of the Surflight Theatre in Long Beach, New Jersey. Willey will perform his stand-up comedy act on August 3 and star in a production of Neil Simon's "The Odd Couple," October 21-November 1.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS' Porter to play The Flash
Scott Porter (Jason) is wanted for the role, although this hasn't been confirmed by Warner Bros.

Eva Longoria-Parker auctions off one kiss for $35000
A kiss from Eva Longoria-Parker will cost you! The DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star co-hosted a Lingerie Miami charity auction this weekend, and among the items up for bidding was one beso from the hostess herself. According to Page Six, the winning bid came from an unidentified man who shelled out $35,000 for the smooch.

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