Monday, February 9, 2009


I'm bumping this up after watching the remainder of the show online.

In honor of the return of Grant Aleksander as Phillip Spaulding, We Love Soaps is liveblogging today's episode of GUIDING LIGHT. Spoilers have been published in the soap magazines and online, but if you are avoiding them and do not want to be spoiled, skip the liveblog until you have had a chance to watch.

When we left off on Friday, Beth had rejected Coop and asked Buzz to help keep Coop away from her wedding to Alan. Beth told Alan she would say "I do" at their wedding, but when she did she would be thinking of Coop. With Marina's help, Buzz locked Coop in her basement. Will Coop get out of the basement? Will Beth marry Alan? How does Phillip play into this? Check back here at 10am ET.

10:53 Coop's car is on fire. He's alive though and bleeding all over his face. Coop passes out and a man in a red hoodie appears. It's Phillip!!!!! He's back! Next on GUIDING LIGHT: Phillip walks into the church in the middle of the wedding.

10:51 Alan tells Beth if she walks away from him now, she will know what "cruel" truly is. She falls to her knees crying.

10:50 Beth is furious with Alan for taunting Coop like that. She says she's not going through with the wedding followed by more threats from Alan. He tells her she's a Spauling and she says, "My name is Raines". She hates the Spaulding name!!

10:49 A "drunk" Bill tries to make Lizzie doubt if she can trust Cyrus.

10:46 Coop is driving and his cell rings. It's Alan. Coop says he's on his way to the church, but Alan tells "Henry" that it's too late. Coop calls him a liar. Alan tells him he'll never see or touch her again. Coop is understandably upset and ends up skidding off the road and crashing.

10:45 Frank wants Buzz to tell him if "this" is all worth it. Frank wants to go to the church but Buzz tells him to let Coop handle it.

10:44 Coop is telling her to believe then suddenly Alan is there instead of Coop. It was just a dream. Alan says he can make her happy, and even though she wants out of the wedding, he tells her he's taking her to Venice on their honeymoon.

10:43 Beth is at the church looking at herself in a handheld mirror when she hears a noise, spins around and sees Coop! She wants him to go but he won't leave without her.

10:42 Lizzie suggests Bill get some coffee to sober up. Lizzie admits she misses Roxie but thinks it's best that she stays away.

10:41 Ugh, here it is. News interruption time. Bloomberg is giving Sully the key to the city. Great hero for sure, but damn, bad timing. I'll have to continue the "live blog" in a non-live way later when I watch the rest online.

10:40 Lizzie and Cyrus run into Bill at the church. She smells liquor on his breath and thinks he is drunk. He tells her her dog (Roxie) misses her.

10:37 Coop drives off! He sure was weaving. John Driscoll needs driving lessons.

10:36 Buzz starts to drive off them stops and comes back to hug Buzz again. This sounds like a "final" conversation. I hope not.

10:35 Buzz tells Coop that Jenna made him realize he was wrong and that Coop should go after Beth. Coop worries Alan will shut down Company and Buzz says he's tired of flipping burgers. Aww, Coop-Buzz hug.

10:34 Beth signs after Alan threatens Coop one more time. She then beats on him a bit as she leaves the room.

10:33 Alan wants Beth to sign a pre-nup. If she breaks the terms of the marriage by infidelity or divorce, she will forfeit custody of Peyton. Alan says he's saving her from herself.

10:32 Alan is giving Beth a gift. It's a family heirloom belong to Great Aunt Louisa Spaulding. Who? Now she looks like a Spaulding per Alan.

10:29 Cyrus tells Lizzie that Bill was looking for her earlier. She's trying not to act all that interested even though she is.

10:27 Billy thinks Bill getting drunk and crashing the wedding is a bad idea. Billy wants Cyrus to underestimate him.

10:26 Oh hell no. Possible news interruption as Sully is about to get the key to New York City.

10:25 Midshow bumper featuring Otalia and others.

10:23 Will Coop forgive Buzz? Buzz goes in for a hug and Coop punches him in the face.

10:22 Alan tells Lizzie that they have to show this time the Spauldings are stronger and more unified than ever before and no one will ever laugh at him again. There's Coop! Still running. He runs into Buzz who admits he sabotaged his car.

10:20 Lizzie wants to know if Alan is sure about the wedding. Now they're talking about the stock market and "loss of confidence" and how it applies to family.

10:19 Bill tells Billy he's a genius then invites him to crash the wedding.

10:18 Back from commercial. Bill is telling Billy that Cyrus is the kidnapper. Billy isn't so sure.

10:15 Cyrus's family heirloom dog tag intrigues Bill. Bill flashes back to the masked man in the woods and puts 2 and 2 together.

10:14 Bill doesn't want Cyrus taking advantage of a vulnerable Lizzie. Cyrus thinks he knows what she needs.

10:13 Rick is telling Alan the wedding invitation is sick, even for him. Rick is taunting Alan about Coop. Rick accepts Alan request to be his best man.

10:12 They're kissing! Damn, Buzz woke up.

10:11 Jenna wants Buzz to let Coop "roll the dice" with Beth, but Buzz doesn't want him to make that mistake.

10:10 Jenna refuses to let Buzz go back to sleep. Fiona Hutchison looks fantastic!

10:09 Coop is still trying to get out of the basement. He now has a gun! He's going to shoot the door open? Yep. He's out! He's outside and trying to get his car to start. He's now screaming to Mother Nature and the car Gods. There he goes, running down the road.

10:06 Turbo Tax commercial. I already received my refund!

10:04 Everybody feels low, everybody feels high...

10:03 JENNA! Buzz was asleep when he wakes up and sees Jenna. He knows he's dreaming but it's a great dream! She's here to tell him he's being a "horse's ass."

10:02 Lizzie is questioning Beth about her true intentions. Beth tells her Alan is who she wants. Alan is at the hospital and asks Rick to be his best man. Coop is banging on the basement door.

10:01 Bill tells Cyrus to keep his manhood in his pants. At the Spaulding mansion, Lizzie thinks the wedding invitation is a joke.

10:00 Showing the "previously on GUIDING LIGHT" scenes. The show opens with Bill and Cyris. Bill is looking for Lizzie.


  1. I'll be watching live today for the first time in years.

  2. I agree about Fiona. I miss her.

  3. Watching live for the first time in years also!! Can't wait to see Phillip!!

  4. How could they cut off today's show?

  5. It was my impression that Grant's return isnt until the end of the episode-- since the episode was originally suppose to air on the 6th and I'm assuming they have him enter at the end in true cliffhanger friday fashion.

  6. You know, CBS has a death wish for GL. The PRE-EMPTED THIS HEAVILY HYPED SHOW???? THIS SHOW THEY SPENT MAJOR COIN ON, to promote and hire back their star.

    Hinsey's gonna give them a lot of trouble!

  7. I enjoyed the ending. The previews are giving too much away though.

  8. I liked it. Today's show looks like it will be even better.

  9. I have watched Guiding Light for years, recently I have not been able to. Can anyone tell me what happened to Coop?

  10. Coop had been having an affair with Beth. Beth was marrying Alan that day and Coop was on his way to the churge to stop the wedding. Alan called Coop on his cell and gloated that he had already married Beth (which wasn't true) and Coop skidded off the road and crashed. Phillip found him and pulled him out of the burning car and took him to the ER. He survived surgery but later died.