Sunday, February 8, 2009

GL's Aleksander & Chamberlin Preview Phillip's "Inconvenient" Return

Springfield's "prodigal son" returns when GUIDING LIGHT vet Grant Aleksander steps back into the role of Phillip Spaulding on Monday, Feb. 9. But why now, after staying away for several years?

"He finally feels like he's healthy and stable enough," Aleksander says in this video Q&A with TV Guide's Matt Mitovich. "he may have issues to deal with [but] he's here to make amends."

Aleksander's frequent leading lady, Beth Chamberlin, says she herself is "thrilled" to have her friend back on the set, though her alter ego may give her ex a chilly reception. As the actress notes, "For all intents and purposes, [Phillip has been dead [to Beth]."

Also in this in-depth sit-down, Aleksander and Chamberlin preview whether Phillip is heading to bust up Beth's wedding to Alan, discuss how Phillip's homecoming is "inconvenient" for his father, and share a peek at how daughter Lizzie and best friend Rick will react. Aleksander also reveals whether he feels the pressure to drive GL's ratings up, saying, "If there's good material, people will tune in."

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