Saturday, January 9, 2010

FLASHBACK: Melody Thomas Scott 1991

Soap opera's character suffers

United Feature Syndicate
April 28, 1991

NEW YORK - After 12 long years of portraying Nikki Newman Abbott on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, Melody Thomas Scott has become a master at tackling one on-screen dilemma after another.

Since Nikki's arrival in Genoa City back in 1979, she has been brainwashed by a bizarre religious cult; gotten caught up in the world of striptease and has miraculously survived a "fatal" disease.

The present doesn't look any brighter for her character. Nikki's current story line has her suffering from severe back pain that has led her to drink excessively.

"The whole thing has progressed slowly," says Thomas Scott.

As the story has intensified, Scott has enjoyed the interesting changes it has brought to Nikki's personality. Her once mild-mannered, even-tempered and selfless character has given way to a dynamic force to be reckoned with.

Would Thomas Scott cite this plot twist as her most challenging assignment on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

"I find all my stories challenging," she says. "But this one is very different. The only hard part for me is seeing Nikki in so much pain and agony. Aside from that, I'm really enjoying it."

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