Monday, February 2, 2009

ATWT's Valentine's Day Special

Last year on Valentine's Day, AS THE WORLD TURNS aired a special "What If" episode which featured characters looking at their life and asking what it might have been like had different things happened to them. The segments were take-offs of old movies.

This year, it looks like the show is doing some sort of variation of old movies again. The show's official website,, has put up pictures from the episode whichs airs on Monday, Feb. 16

You may remember that every couple on last year's episode kissed except the hugging Luke and Noah, which was the final straw that lead fans to contact the mainstream media about the kissing ban. Will ATWT have better results this year?

1 comment:

  1. I am way more excited about the fantasy Valentine's day photos than I should be.

    Looks like Tim Burton crossed with HAIR and a pinch of Dickens mixed with AWESOME!

    I love alternative reality stuff.

    I don't even care what actually happens.

    The actor who plays Paul IS FABULOUS in that Hair!!

    Everyone looks amazing.