Thursday, January 29, 2009

News Round-up

BBC slashes salaries
A GALAXY of BBC stars will see their megabucks pay hacked back as bosses desperately seek cash savings. Peggy Mitchell in EASTENDERS — will face a £90,000 cut from her reported £360,000 a year salary.

25 per cent is seen as a minimum — some stars could face higher cuts. It all depends on what they earn and how valuable they are to the BBC. If someone’s show has dropped in the ratings, they might get a bigger cut.

OLTL Star's "Knight" Job
Daytime fans will be pleased to see Sean Ringgold, bodyguard du jour Shaun on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, in the recent box-office smash Notorious. "It was an incredible experience," the actor, who hails from Rockaway Park, NY, told Soap Opera Digest. "I saw the flick two weeks ago at the premiere and I was walking the red carpet behind [Director] George Tillman, Jr. and [Producer/Former Wallace Manager] Wayne Barrow and I had a moment where I just stopped and told them, 'Thanks a million for the opportunity,' and [Tillman] said, 'You're very welcome, you deserve it.' "

BURN NOTICE features former AMC stars
USA's BURN NOTICE season premiere was last Thursday, Jan. 22, and guest-starred Stacy Haiduk (ex-Hannah). This week's episode guest-starred Michael B. Jordan (ex-Reggie).

If you missed, there is a BURN NOTICE marathon this Saturday starting at 11am ET on USA. Stacy's episode is "Do No Harm" and she plays a drug smuggler that is causing children harm. Michael's episode name is "Hot Spot" and he plays a teen that tries to keep the drug lifestyle away from him and his sister after his mother dies.

New episodes are on Thursday at 10pm ET on USA.

Economy won't deflate Upfront Week
The economy might be bad and the TV industry may have seen better days, but Upfront Week is shaping up to be no less of an event than it was last year.

Upfront Week doesn't come until May, but CBS confirmed Thursday that it was going ahead with its traditional Carnegie Hall presentation. Immediately after last year's event -- which was scaled back from previous years and yet received strong reviews from the buying community -- CBS had put down a deposit to reserve the space. It has among the ad community become an iconic place for the Tiffany network, at least for a day.

Web Series: 2008 Recaps and 2009 Previews
"After the rebirth of several long-dead series in 2007, the new year was all about taking chances. Many of the series that made triumphant returns unfortunately faded away once more, but the ones that remained took on new storylines and new risks. Meanwhile, other series in the community also stepped up their game in 2008, with a renewed interest in using the past to inform great stories in their present."

SCRIPTS & SCRUPLES: Episode #876
Angie wants to stay in bed all day. Henry wants answers from Stu.

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