Tuesday, January 27, 2009

News Round-up

Doug Allen steps down from SAG
Doug Allen, the lightning rod at the center of the Screen Actors Guild's bitter polarization, has been fired as national exec director and chief negotiator.

Allen's gig ended Monday afternoon; several hours earlier, the moderates had delivered "written assent" documents terminating him -- two weeks after a 28-hour filibuster by Allen's supporters thwarted his ouster.

Host Chris Harrison's BACHELOR blog
"The date to the set of General Hospital was fun, and the ladies were very excited about it. They didn't get the script until moments before they walked on set and Jason didn't even get to see who was doing what. The stage manager on the set at General Hospital was a great guy named Paul Danner. Paul actually works for us as our stage manager. He's a former Army Ranger, and I hang with him a lot when we're on the road. So the women were having a good time until everybody started making out with Jason. Then all hell broke loose."

Lacey Turner's club fracas
EASTENDERS star Lacey Turner was reportedly thrown out of a nightclub for fighting. The 20-year-old actress - who plays feisty Stacey Slater in the BBC1 soap - and her pals allegedly got into an altercation with seven girls who had mistakenly sat at her empty table in the VIP section at 24 in London on Saturday night

"In an attempt to save their asses -- and I'm not complaining -- the writers for GUIDING LIGHT have given Olivia and Natalia some new and improved props -- I mean, chops. After a kiss that may be heard all the way over at the ALL MY CHILDREN set -- where Eden Riegel and Tamara Braun are playing full-on Lesbo -- it remains to be seen if the Guiding Light duo will ever spit out the 'L word' onscreen."

'80s rocker Springfield booked for Stanislaus fair
Rick Springfield, famous for the 1981 No. 1 hit "Jessie's Girl," will perform a free show at the Stanislaus County Fair on Aug. 4.

GREEK girls going gay?
E!'s Kristin Dos Santos reports: "Both Rebecca and Ashleigh dabble in kissing girls this season, and they'll like it. One of the girls even hits up another ZBZ sister."

INTERVIEW: Michael Fairman
The creator of "On Air On Soaps" appeared on "Robert Reid Live" last night to talk about the latest happenings in the world of soaps and his new XM Radio "Soap Break" segment.

Also, check out Fairman's review of DAYS' Arianne Zuker at the ACME Comedy Theatre where he calls her performance "a hit".

GH's Jason Thompson on ET Canada
Thompson played in last weekend's Echoes of Hope celebrity hockey game and appeared in Montreal at NHL All-Star Weekend.


  1. Olivia did use the "L" word the day after the kiss first aired.

  2. Yes, she did. It seems like everyone writing about Olivia and Natalia feel they "have" to work a reference to "the L word" into their stories.