Friday, January 9, 2009

News Round-up

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES hopes to have Gale Harold back very soon
Susan got a phone call from out-of-town Jackson on this week's episode of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. Although Gale Harold — who was critically injured in an Oct. 14 motorcycle accident, fracturing a shoulder and, by one account, developing swelling on the brain — was able to drop by the HOUSEWIVES set to record Jackson's call, a timetable for the actor's on-screen return still is up in the air.

"We are working on bringing him back to the show. We just don't know when," HOUSEWIVES producers say in a statement to "Because we had to work around his absence, the story doesn't require him immediately. But we would like to have him back on the show very soon."

New HOLLYOAKS triangle in the works
Things are set to really heat in HOLLYOAKS in the coming weeks when Kris finds himself embroiled in a love triangle with Ravi and Nancy. Ravi and Nancy are both completely unaware that they are cheating with the same person.

FBI puts byte on GH computer geek
Sweet Spinelli gets grabbed Friday on GENERAL HOSPITAL - by the FBI!

"He and Maxie have just had a falling out, so he's moping by the docks," says Bradford Anderson, who plays computer nerd Spinelli. "He sees Maxie coming toward him with a bouquet of flowers. Right as he turns to see her, he is grabbed by two FBI agents."

Spinelli is hauled down to the PCPD, where he learns Maxie was right about Winifred.

"He sees Winifred when he is brought into the police station and puts it together."

Yup - Winifred is not the fawning computer geek she pretended to be. She's an FBI agent who's been getting the goods on Spinelli's involvement with the mob.

"He has no idea he has been under surveillance," says Anderson. His lawyer "Diane shows up and barks at people, but Spinelli stays in lockup."

Jason also rides to the rescue, but his little buddy is in big trouble.

LIPSTICK JUNGLE ends--for good?
Tonight likely is the very last episode ever. NBC still has not officially canceled the show, so there is an oh-so-slim glimmer of hope it could be renewed.

CORONATION STREETS's Sophie turns to God
CORONATION STREETS's Sophie Webster is about to become the exact opposite of her wayward sister Rosie – by finding God. The 14-year-old schoolgirl, played by Brooke Vincent, starts attending a Bible study group and soon ends up with two new men in her life - boyfriend Ben, 16, and God. Sophie even takes a vow of chastity, according to reports in The Sun.

90210's Jennie Garth "excited" by Tori Spelling return
"I could not be more excited. To have anyone from the original cast walk through the door I would be like, 'Yes, thank God!' because I just miss them and it’s not the same without them," she told reporters at the People's Choice Awards.

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