Saturday, January 3, 2009

News Round-up

"Scrubs" wedding album has a wonderful wedding album for GH's Robin and Patrick.

What to Watch: 10 Most Exciting Winter TV Premieres
7. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (Jan. 16): They're going to put FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS in the Smithsonian some day, because few artistic endeavors—much less commercial TV series—have ever rendered Americana so faithfully. Plus, Kyle Chandler is way hot. DirecTV subscribers have already seen season three, but if you've only got regular TV, you can finally catch up with the Dillon Panthers again beginning Jan. 16 on NBC.

Advice for the networks in '09
For Shonda Rhimes, creator of ABC's GREY'S ANATOMY: Spare Kevin McKidd and his refreshingly no-nonsense character, Owen Hunt, the McDreamy/McSteamy/McWeenie treatment that's helped turn Seattle Grace into a junior high school where the students are actually encouraged to carry knives.

For ABC entertainment president Steve McPherson: Muster the courage to look beyond DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

Savident hits out at young actors on CORONATION STREET
Former CORONATION STREET star John Savident has spoken out to attack the young actors on the hit soap. Savident, who played Fred Elliot in the soap for 12 years, told The Daily Record that he believes that some of the youngsters in Weatherfield do not try hard enough.

"Don't misunderstand me, there are some fine actors, in CORONATION STREET, as there always have been, but I do worry about some of the younger ones. They arrive full of good intentions, but you see their performances deteriorate. They'll have come from some youth drama group and, gradually, you will start seeing them use soap acting short-cuts. The shoulder shrugging, the nose twitching and the head shaking to indicate emotions which they could be showing in far more subtle and carefully thought out ways. My great friend Steven Arnold, who plays Ashley, and I used to rehearse our scenes, turn things upside down and make them more interesting, but a lot of them don't see to bother."

HOLLYOAKS star would strip for movie
HOLLYOAKS star Sarah Jayne Dunn has revealed that she would be willing to strip off for a film role. The 27-year-old actress, who plays Mandy Richardson on the Channel 4 soap, confirmed that she would have to be satisfied that the nude scene was crucial to the plot before agreeing to bare all.

"I would go nude in a film as long as the part was right," Dunn told the Daily Star. "I wouldn't do it if they just threw in a nude shot just for the hell of it. It would have to be vital to the character and the story. But I'm not a prude about my body so it wouldn't bother me being filmed with no clothes on. It might be a bit weird for my dad watching the film later, though. I think I would probably ban him from seeing it!"

Rodrigo Hilbert and girlfriend try to save Hamptons mogul
Covergirl-turned-actress Fernanda Lima and her beau, Rodrigo Hilbert, saw distressed entrepreneur Christian Wolffer, 70, waving frantically from the bay near a private home in Paraty, Brazil, where all three had been attending an afternoon party. Wolffer, a Hamptons wine mogul, had been mortally wounded in a hit-and-run boat accident while swimming on New Year's Eve

The couple rushed to help, and Hilbert - a former Versace coverboy who played a surfer on a South American soap opera - swam out and pulled Wolffer to shore. He couldn't save Wolffer, who investigators said had suffered two large diagonal gashes to the chest. His death is being investigated as a "manslaughter."

TOM CASIELLO: The Unspooling
"In an industry so hell-bent on writing by committee, I've come to realize that my naivete in terms of the auteur's vision on daytime may be wonderfully idealistic, but it's not the way a show can thrive. Not in this day and age. I marvel at the head writers who somehow manage to find middle ground - who so tirelessly write enough long story for their breakdown writers and script writers to not feel like they're lost at sea, but also write the LEAST amount of story to give to the networks, so the whole process doesn't get picked apart."

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