Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Hope for the Daytime Soap Genre

First we got news last week that Tom Casiello was starting a trial run as a writer on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS writing team. Now today TV Guide Canada revealed Martha Byrne was also starting a writing trial, on the staff of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL.

Both of these people have spoken about their love for the daytime industry for years now. In numerous interviews Casiello and Byrne have shown that they truly "get" what fans are expecting from their soaps. They are fans. They understand the importance of character development, writing relatable stories that make sense and giving fans a payoff. Having soaps recognize that and put them on their writing staffs, even on a trial basis, is a good sign for 2009.

I have always said that when your heart is into it and you respect your audience as a writer, it shows onscreen.

I wish them both much success. Both of these announcements, along with the consistent great work being put out by Maria Arena Bell and Ron Carlivati, gives me renewed hope for the genre.

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