Friday, January 30, 2009

Made-Up Websites on TV

LAW & ORDER has "FacePlace" which is their version of Facebook. THE CLOSER has "LookIt" that seems to be a variation of MySpace. CRIMINAL INTENT has YouLens.

This week on AS THE WORLD TURNS, Luke was helping Jade look for a job on Gregslist, the Oakdale version of Craigslist. And who can keep from laughing when someone in Oakdale watches a video on UsTube (YouTube).

We've also seen MyRoom, B-Frenz and Searchling on various shows. By creating their own versions of real websites, TV shows avoid having to pay a fee to use those brands.

Are there any more hilarious made-up websites on soaps?


  1. Y&R has "YouClick"

  2. Actually, Y&R has VIEWClick, and "Internet Search" (which is made up of a Google-ish font with every letter in a different primary color)

  3. Here's a website with some made-up URLs used on TV shows.

  4. OLTL has Llannet or something like that.

  5. YES, I **LOVE*** LLANETT!

    they also used to use LLANCHAT!