Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Latest in Soap Videos

Here are some of the latest soap videos from around the web.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: On Friday's episode, Claudia accused Kate of faking her collapse. By the end of the episode, Claudia had collapsed herself.

FNL CRYING METHOD: A fan watches FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and can't help but cry. Includes spoiler scenes for those watching this season on NBC.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Starr lied on the stand on Friday's episode that Todd never confessed that he was going to steal her baby.

BRENDA DICKSON: I never get tired of watching classic Jill on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. In this episode, Jill has invited her son, Phillip, to her apartment in an effort to set him up with Cricket. She managed to share a phone call with Kay and got in some digs as well.


  1. The FNL crying method clip was funny!

    As for Brenda's Jill...this was pretty close to the "end time" for her. And, honestly, one has a sense that she had already derailed (which is why I don't enjoy this as much as you...though I see the camp-tastic deliciousness of it).

    In her first run on the show, Dickson was a young, unseasoned girl. That played well as the innocent virgin who fell for her employer's husband. Even as the rivalry with Kay grew, I don't remember that version of Jill as histrionic. It was as though the low-cost clothes and reality of the emotions kept her grounded.

    When Dickson returned (after my favorite, Deborah Adair), Dickson envisioned her character as a "streetfighter in silk". Her portrayal and line readings were also obviously influenced by the over-the-top nighttime dramas of the era.

    This clip shows a Dickson with NO emotional connection to the material. It was all show...breathy line readings, strange head tosses and lip puckers. I admit it is all entertaining...but sadly, in a "laugh at" rather than "laugh with" kind of way.

    It is equally sad that Dickson does not seem to have come back from this. Her much publicized Hawaiian divorce and imprisonment, her emotionally raw and intemperate blog posts...

    For me, I still see young Jill, with whom I grew up (after a fashion). A sweet girl turned bad by awful circumstances for which she bore little responsibility except, perhaps, too open a heart and too needy a soul. It pains me, a little, to see that girl rendered so soulless.

    Maybe I'm overthinking it?

  2. I definitely hear what you're saying and mostly agree. I do think this is pretty much definitive of the mid-80s version of Jill. A lot of things in the 80s seem way over the top and campy now. I can't remember what I thought of this back then.

    Jill's life as a Foster and her relationship with her mother are what I enjoyed most about the character in her entire run, along with her bitter feud with Kay. That's why I was very opposed to Katherine being her mother. I just loved Liz Foster so much.

    But I always enjoy looking back at any clips of Brenda's Jill, even the ones that sort of remind me of her "Welcome to My Home" videos.