Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Latest in Soap Videos

Here are some of the latest soap additions from around the web.

OTALIA: On Friday's GUIDING LIGHT, Natalia and Olivia get Emma ready for school. Later, Olivia stopped by Company and ordered Natalia's favorite foods. She then sent Frank to deliver the order. Natalia was touched to find a romantic dinner for two set up for her.

THE SOUP: THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL had the #5 clip of the year on the E! show for Ridge saying "Rick" over and over and over. Ronn Moss and Kyle Lowder appeared on the show

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: In a sneak peak of tonight's episode, Andrew's fiance and his future mother-in-law (guest star Joanna Cassidy) try to convince him to move to Oakdale.

BROTHERS & SISTERS: In a sneak peak from tonight's all-new episode, Kitty and Robert get hot and bothered while talking politics.

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