Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hollywood Insider: New Book Includes Chapter on Mary Stuart


New book by entertainment insider offers insights into the world’s A-list stars


He’s separated by 2 degrees to any living celebrity
His early role model was Regis and Kathie Lee
Named “Good Time Guru” by Elle Magazine

Wait, wait don’t tell me…Nelson Aspen of course…

If you didn’t know, Nelson is one of entertainment's most charming on-air personalities covering the wild, glitzy world of Hollywood. For three seasons, he was the Hollywood Producer/Reporter for TV Guide Television and frequent guest star on everything from celebrity news and talk shows to sitcoms and travel programs. He has also contributed to a vast array of outlets, from the news magazine EXTRA, ACCESS HOLLYWOOD and INSIDE EDITION to his own how-to series NEW WITH NELSON!

Culling from his personal and professional life, there’s no escaping the “2 degrees of Nelson Aspen.” Name any living celebrity and he can connect it before you can say Angelina Jolie!

One day he's on the red carpet chatting with Tom Cruise, Sir Anthony Hopkins or Russell Crowe...the next he's sitting down for exclusive chats with Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, Jodie Foster, Jake Gyllenhall, Cate Blanchett, Ben Affleck, Naomi Watts, Reese Witherspoon or the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES— next, he's singing and dancing on stage with THE WIGGLES or Hugh Jackman!

These are just samples of the colorful experiences offered up by Nelson Aspen in his new book, "HOLLYWOOD INSIDER EXPOSED! Secrets, Stars & Showbiz" (New Holland Publishers; February 2009; $19.95; Paperback). In an incredibly fun and engaging style, Aspen talks about hanging with Leo and many other celebs about their life on and off the set. Plus he chats it up about:
• What we can expect at 2009's major award shows: SAG, Golden Globe and Oscars
• The ins-and-outs of becoming an international entertainment reporter
• The real lowdown on who’s naughty and who’s nice
• Tips for finding and rubbing elbows with the stars.

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“My four decades in the biz, on both sides of the camera and thru various survival jobs, resulted in trusted relationships and long-cultivated sources, which allow me to be in several places at once. With these sources, I can literally be at every Oscar® party! I know every hairdresser, bodyguard, personal trainer and dog walker in town!”

There's a lot more to this reporter than just his good looks, A-list contacts and masterful storytelling ability, Aspen’s got something that escapes many in his field—credibility. Unlike other so-called "journalists," Nelson lives in Hollywood and is a genuine insider because as he puts it, “Why would I burn bridges or risk my reputation with celebrities when they are my neighbors, friends, gym buddies, etc? Unlike a paparazzi, stars and their reps actually seek me out on the red carpet because they know and trust me to be fair and friendly.”

Chock-full of personal details, stories, advice and even recipes, "HOLLYWOOD INSIDER EXPOSED!" is more than just a gossip book—it’s a show-and-tell about life behind the velvet ropes.

Note: The book includes a chapter dedicated to longtime SEARCH FOR TOMORROW star Mary Stuart. Stuart played Jo on SFT for the series entire 35 year run. She later went on to star as Meta on GUIDING LIGHT.

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