Friday, December 12, 2008

With Apologies To John Driscoll

When I toured the GUIDING LIGHT studios at CBS on Wednesday I had the opportunity to meet John Driscoll (Coop) and he seemed like a great guy.

At one point on set during a scene involving Coop, Beth and Lizzie, I had the chance to talk him to about the Beth and Coop storyline and the upcoming return of Phillip Spaulding. But we kept getting interrupted.

I asked if Coop would be worried Phillip was going to kick his you-know-what when he found out about Beth and Coop's relationship. He gave me a hilarious look and nodded like it was a possibility. But then the director came over to talk to us so he couldn't finish his response. When the director walked away, he started to answer again and then I got pulled away to watch the scene from a different location. We just gave each other a look like "this conversation is doomed."

So I never got my question answered or got to say goodbye, but I definitely look forward to seeing how things develop between Coop and Beth and how Phillip might play a role in that.

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