Wednesday, December 10, 2008

News Round-up

The Worthy and the Worthless
TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco names his best and worst of 2008.

The Soap Shrink Interviews Ilene Kirsten On Her Insightful Creations
"I am very in touch with my emotions, and with other people’s emotions. I can get any piece of information out of anyone in this room in ten minutes. People spill their guts to me all the time, that helps. I really observe, I’m a peeping tom in a way. I studied acting, but I also studied people on the bus." Part 2

A New Concept: "Performer Branding"
Actor Artist Design officially launches today in New York City, offering performing artists "Performer Branding," the first and only company providing the opportunity to be professionally branded.

Actor Artist Design provides graphic and web design services for professional performers in the entertainment industry. Great Young Minds, LLC, the parent company of Actor Artist Design, has produced major brand creative materials for companies such as CoverGirl, Disney's HANNAH MONTANA, Hugo Boss, Secret, Venus, and more. They have also worked with celebrities like Bob Harper, from NBC's THE BIGGEST LOSER, and Alan Cumming, from X-Men 2 and Son of the Mask, and Grayson McCouch, from CBS's AS THE WORLD TURNS.

Through work on ALL MY CHILDREN, GUIDING LIGHT, AS THE WORLD TURNS, on stage at Radio City Music Hall, Universal Studios, 30+ independent films, industrials, voiceovers, and more they know the industry inside and out, including the most critical activity next to rehearsing - marketing.

"Kin Shriner, Scotty Baldwin on the show, has been my longtime favorite lunch buddy. He likes dinner for lunch. Everyone remembers the Luke and Laura wedding from years ago, and Kin and I had several scenes together during the shooting. Well, what few people know is that we taped it at a gorgeous mansion in Hollywood over the span of three days, and if you watch the tape you will never see anyone eating anything during the wedding. That's because it was so hot the set designers had to spray all of that great food with bug spray so it would be preserved and look perfectly fresh."

EASTENDERS pedophile story pays off in ratings
EASTENDERS' controversial pedophile storyline came to a head Monday night, with 9.9 million – a 44% share – tuning in between 7.30pm and 8pm. A further 862,000 - a 5% multichannel share - watched the repeat on BBC3 between 10pm and 10.30pm.

Expectations and disappointments on Tonight's FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS
If you caught last week's scenes from the next FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, you know that Coach Taylor will walk in on Matt and Julie in bed together tonight. And yeah, it's awkward. The fuming angry father will handle the debacle just the way you'd expect him to... by telling Tami what he saw so she can have "the talk" with their daughter.

NBC Takes Flak From TV Showrunners
Nikki Finke reports: "Let's face it: Hollywood is less than thrilled that NBC has just reduced its scripted primetime programming by 5 big hours a week starting in Fall 2009 to make way for Jay Leno at 10 PM. So I'm told that the peacock needed a bulletproof vest at the Hollywood Radio & Television Society's 'Hitmakers' luncheon today because the assembled panel of marquee TV showrunners took great pleasure in taking shots at the beleaguered network."

Former ATWT thug now writes popular comic
David Stanley writes: "'From the Cellar' is a digital comic you need to check out. For those of you who don’t find any comics that speak to your experience—well, this might not be exactly your experience, but probably something you might fantasize about. Y’know, being a hot bartender in the West Village of New York, meeting lots of cute guys and having an eccentric cast of funny and sexy supporting players to make your life all the more glamorous. .

From the Cellar is the creation of multitalented mastermind Chuck McKinney (who once played a thug who put the bomb in Kim's car on AS THE WORLD TURNS).

INTERVIEW: Y&R's Greg Rikaart
Rikaart appeared on "BuzzWorthy Radio" Tuesday evening.

"Stardish Radio" Interviews
Monday night: Thad Luckinbill and Elizabeth Hendrickson
Tuesday night: Kelly Monaco and Jason Thompson

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