Monday, December 8, 2008

News Round-up

Great Depression Era Gave Birth To Some Great Creative Periods
The Great Depression era from 1930s or early 1940s has been a critical period in history, which gave birth to some of the great creative works, according to a professor of English and American studies at Temple University, Miles Orvell.

"The period also birthed several new genres, such as the melodrama, which laid the foundation for today's soap opera, and it brought the detective novel to fulfilment, with the heroic detective stoically dealing with corruption and the underside of life in cities like New York, Los Angles and San Francisco."

Casting the Dark Shadows movie
"Sure, Barnabas resurrected the series when creator Curtis’ HOUSE OF SEVEN GABLES goof was tanking in the ratings, and he’s an integral component to its lasting legacy and success. But without an accomplished cast around him, actors who can understand the dynamic that drove SHADOWS to classic cult status, the whole thing could turn out rancid."

Swash pledges cash for knife drive
"King of the Jungle" Joe Swash has pledged his charity money from I'M A CELEBRITY to the anti-knife crime campaign in memory of Ben Kinsella, his spokeswoman confirmed. Swash played Mickey Miller on EASTENDERS and is friends with Ben's sister Brooke Kinsella, who was also in the BBC One soap, and her family.

An ITV spokeswoman said the money raised by viewers' votes was still being calculated. Reports have put the money at £30,000. The Ben Kinsella fund was set up by the 16-year-old's family after he was stabbed to death in June in north London. The fund will provide money for charities and finance anti-street crime campaigns.

Zap2it's Liz Pardue on the Dave reveal on last night's DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES
"Brace yourselves, guys: It was the car wreck thing all along! Maybe! Dave is plagued by visions of a woman carrying a small blonde child, first asking them to go away while claiming he still loves them (Lynette overhears), then visiting them in the graveyard and telling them that he has a plan, so they need to wait a little longer before he can be with them. Mike, it seems, has to pay for taking them away from him, and Dave needs just the right moment. He wants Mike to lose what he lost. The graves reveal that he lost Lila Dash (loving wife and mother) and Paige Dash (loving daughter). Chilling!"

Eva Longoria Drops A Dress Size To Prove She's Not Pregnant
Eva Longoria seems to have ditched her no exercise, eat as much as you like regime that saw her put on half a stone and sparked an endless round of pregnancy rumors.

Ebersole to guest on SAMANTHA WHO?
Two-time Tony winner Christine Ebersole will be playing the sister Jean Smart has conveniently forgotten to tell the amnesiac Samantha on an upcoming SAMANTHA WHO?. Their mother (Florence Henderson will be called in to referee this sibling rivalry. While Ebersole has had some success on the tube, including a Daytime Emmy supporting nod back in 1984 for ONE LIFE TO LIVE (she lost to Judi Evans of GUIDING LIGHT), her greater triumphs have been on Broadway. Indeed, both her Tony wins as best actress in a musical - "42nd Street" (2001) and "Grey Gardens" (2007) - came after Ebersole gave up on Hollywood.

MARK HARDING: The Marceline axiom
"The bottom line, for me, is that I wish the networks weren't too terrified to keep trying. If they have low-performing shows that no longer meet their needs, they should let them go (hopefully giving them grand goodbyes that reflect their long contributions). But they should make new efforts. Most of these will fail, but one fine day.... something will stick to the wall."

SCRIPTS & SCRUPLES: Episode #871
Emmett refuses help. Time is running out on Sam.

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