Tuesday, December 2, 2008

News Round-up

On the shooting of Michael Corinthos: "I hated it. I thought it was awful, because I am a mother in real-life. I have two children. My son looks very much like Dylan Cash (ex-Michael). So, it was tough for me. But it’s soap opera and I understand why we do have these tragedies."

Marcia McCabe returns to daytime
McCabe, best know for her longtime role as Sunny on SEARCH FOR TOMORROW, appears on AS THE WORLD TURNS on Monday, Dec. 8, as Brian's ex-wife, Carolyn. Her husband, Christopher Goutman, is the executive producer of ATWT.

In the storyline, Brian (Laurence Lau) recently married Lucinda (Elizabeth Hubbard). He also recently kissed his new step-grandson, Luke (Van Hansis). Luke, naturally, is a bit confused by this development, and seeks out Carolyn for some answers.

Sabato, Jr. and Scoggins guest star on NCIS tonight
On tonight's episode, the team investigates the death of a petty officer and discovers he may have been leading a violent secret life. Antonio Sabato Jr. (THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, GENERAL HOSPITAL) and Tracy Scoggins (THE COLBYS) guest star.

SheWired's Lauren Incognito on AMC's Reese and Bianca
"I must say, however, that I am a bit surprised at the normalcy at which this lesbian relationship is progressing. In real life after three dates the gals would be buying a house together. Given the rapidity of time in the lesbian world, in soap opera land by the first half hour break the pair should be married, pregnant, cheating on one another, divorced, arrested for the other’s murder, jailed, released and then working at Pine Lawn hospital as a brain surgeon like every other character on the soap who started out as a prostitute, troubled teen, drug dealer or split personality. God, sometimes I wish I lived in soap opera land."

Former soap stars in Brooklyn
The Cobble Hill Health Center, a not-for-profit skilled nursing facility on Henry Street, held their Annual Fall Gala at Steiner’s Stage 6 Studios. Over 300 guests attended, and it was one of their most successful events ever. The Gala was Emceed by Lonnie Quinn, CBS News Weathercaster and former ALL MY CHILDREN actor, with special guest star presenter Signy Coleman, who played Hope on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, Celeste on SANTA BARBARA and a really bad Annie on GUIDING LIGHT.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment: A Brand-New Hilarious Family Adventure Featuring an All-Star Cast and the World's Best Loved St. Bernard as He's Never Been Seen Before
Bring together one mega-popular pooch, an all-star cast, some of today's hottest music and a barrel of bouncing baby St. Bernards, and it all adds up to Beethoven's Big Break! The all-new adventure comes exclusively to DVD on December 26, 2008 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. This full-length comedy stars Moises Arias, Jonathan Silverman, three-time Daytime Emmy winner Jennifer Finnigan (THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL), Rhea Perlman, Joey Fatone, Stephen Tobolowsky, Oscar Nunez, Eddie Griffin and Cesar Millan in his feature film debut--and introduces Pete The Lizard! A fresh and funny re-imagination of the hugely popular franchise, Beethoven's Big Break is jam-packed with more action and laughs than ever before. Featuring an exciting array of bonus materials, the DVD is priced at $29.98 SRP.

INTERVIEW: Former soap writer Victor Miller
Miller, who wrote for ALL MY CHILDREN, GENERAL HOSPITAL, GUIDING LIGHT, ONE LIFE TO LIVE and ANOTHER WORLD, appeared on the "Robert Reid Live Show" last Wednesday.

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