Thursday, December 25, 2008

CLASSIC CLIPS: Soap Opera Christmases Past

Here are some classic soap episodes from Christmases past.

TEXAS 1982: A Christmas miracle.

GUIDING LIGHT 1983: Phillip and Beth in New York City.

AS THE WORLD TURNS 1985: The Hughes friends and family gather to celebrate the holiday.

SANTA BARBARA 1985: Mason falls asleep and becomes Scrooge. Ted Is the Ghost of Christmas Past and Sophia Is the Ghost of Christmas Present.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES 1988: Steve and Jack with a Christmas tree.

GENERATIONS 1990: Debbi Morgan, Dorothy Lyman, what more could you want?

SEARCH FOR TOMORROW 1983: JoAnn and Santa and special end credits.

ALL MY CHILDREN 1996: Myrtle, Opal, Eric and a visit from Santa.

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