Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Who Will Show The 2009 Daytime Emmy Awards?

It looks as if CBS passed and will not show the Daytime Emmy Awards in 2009 (it was their turn in a rotation with ABC). ABC and SOAPnet may not show them either. NBC stopped participating in the broadcast years ago.

You would think a network like Lifetime or Bravo would air them at least for the talk show categories even if they were not interested in soaps. SOAPnet should be the ideal fit, but seeing how they have programmed more and more non-soap programs over the years, that might not actually be the best option for those of us who still love the daytime soap genre. Or how's this for a crazy idea - televise them in the daytime?

Not airing on a broadcast network would be a huge step down for the awards so I hope something can be worked out.

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  1. To not air them is a slap in face to all who watch them, as well as those people who work long and hard to get a show out day after day!