Saturday, November 29, 2008

News Round-up

NY TIMES: TV Casting May Feel an Obama Effect
It may say something about the state of American television that there is one more black president-elect of the United States than there are black actors with individual lead roles in a network television drama.

But after years of ensemble dramas sprinkled with nonwhite supporting actors, the excitement surrounding the election of Barack Obama could help to open doors for more minorities in leading dramatic roles, executives from television production studios said.

Ben Silverman, the co-chairman of NBC Entertainment who oversees the network’s television studio, said that he and the head of the diversity initiative for NBC Universal, Paula Madison, have been pushing for projects starring minorities.

Mr. Silverman said, “We were going after this regardless, but I don’t think you can deny the power that Barack Obama brings in magnifying this direction in our world.” He added, “We’ve all been colorblind for years, but the results don’t necessarily match up to our intentions.”

B&B inspires young woman in Kenya
"After many years of watching THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL on TV, I got captivated by the glamorous side of the soap. I thus wanted to be a designer."

To Boldly go where this soap has never gone before
The daily routine of Australia's stay-at-home moms has been thrown into turmoil by their favorite soap opera moving into the family rush-hour zone. News of the saga-filled lives of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL's Forrester clan moving from 4.30pm, its timeslot of 12 years, to 6pm has caused outrage among the show's fans.

INTERVIEW: NEIGHBOURS Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson)
"The Paul and Izzy relationship was fantastic, it was very popular. Izzy was an interesting character because she was very emotional and insecure. That's what drove her evil ways. She had a bit of a soulmate in Paul, but it couldn't work in the end because they would just destroy each other."

Christmas 2008 UK Soap Schedules
Digital Spy continues to maintain the best list of when the soaps will air.

Braeden and Kennedy reunite in Boise for film premiere
Academy Award winner George Kennedy and soap star Eric Braeden have more in common than most movie-trivia buffs would think. Kennedy played the father of Braeden's longtime character, Victor Newman, on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

The two are mortal enemies in The Man Who Came Back, Braeden's film that will premiere Dec. 5 at Boise's Egyptian Theater.

"I have a deep and abiding respect for George," Braeden said. "He's a consummate professional and one of the kindest men I've ever met in this business. He's the reason we're having the premiere in Boise."

Braeden and Kennedy will answer questions from the audience after the film is shown.

Spiritual quest for father, daughter ended in terrorist siege
On a quest for spiritual enlightenment, Alan Scherr quit the workaday world 12 years ago and moved with his wife and infant daughter to a woodland monastery in the Virginia Blue Ridge, where they settled into quiet meditation at the feet of a swami.

The former college professor became the monastery's president, and his daughter, Naomi, passed her early childhood on the oak-shaded, 450-acre spread in rural Nelson County. Scherr also became chief spokesman for the community's spiritual leader, a New York native named Master Charles Cannon.

From behind a desk crowded with paperwork, incense and a miniature Zen garden, Scherr fielded sometimes exasperating queries about the master's past: Charles has long declined any discussion of his first 21 years, though old newspaper stories quote him saying he briefly portrayed Ernie on TV's MY THREE SONS and a doctor on the soap opera LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING and performed on Broadway in "Jesus Christ, Superstar."

But Scherr's search for truth, awareness and meditative bliss ended tragically this week: A monastery spokesman and State Department officials said that father and daughter were among those slain by gunmen in the terror attacks in Mumbai, India.

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