Monday, November 10, 2008

News Brief

ATWT's Brian kisses Luke?
"After exchanging vows with Lucinda, Brian finds an emotionally wrecked and hung over Luke and kisses him, later urging Luke not to say anything and ruin things for his grandmother."

FLASHBACK: TV Guide Canada's "Suds Report" August 29, 2008
Nelson Branco wrote at the time: "There’s a fascinating rumour spreading like wildfire online that hints Laurence Lau’s cougar-chasing Brian Wheatly is a friend of Dorothy’s. And get this: Brian may dig Luke more than the sexy and fabulous tycoon, Lucinda. Brian would be an idiot to choose Luke over Lucinda… because he’ll never get laid. But if you ask me, he does romantically and sexually protest a little too much around La Walsh."

SARA A. BIBEL: ATWT'S Luke Gets In Touch With His Inner Darth Vader
"I like this storyline for several reasons. It’s a believable, fairly realistic college story. In real life the partiers clash with the campus activists. Someone at ATWT writes this age group well. Even the suspended Casey’s plan to spend election day playing Guitar Hero rang true. This story makes Luke more three-dimensional while keeping him rootable. It creates believable conflict between Luke and the anti-election fraud Noah. There are potential long term consequences. If caught, Luke could get kicked out of school. Fans have long speculated that Kevin’s homophobia masks his own homosexuality. The continued conflict between the two of them could lead to some hot conservative-liberal kissing. I’m sure that Luke’s conscience will soon lead him to regret cheating his way to the top. Once Luke becomes the disgraced Nixon of Oakdale U, ATWT will be left with an all too human young hero."

More from BIBEL: This Is What A Real Hero Looks Like
"AMC has returned to its socially conscious roots by casting an actual injured Iraq war veteran, JR Martinez, in the role of Taylor’s presumed dead fiancĂ©e Brot. Martinez sustained serious burns over 40% of his body and endured 32 surgeries. He still has numerous scars, and probably always will barring any medical advances. His appearance instantly laid waste to all the phony soap scars we’ve seen over the years."

Reigning Gay of the Week: Noah Mayer, ATWT
In a stunning upset, AS THE WORLD TURNS' Noah Mayer (Jake Silbermann) has stolen the crown off the perfectly-teased head of his very own boyfriend, Luke Snyder.

EVENT: Ilene Kristen celebrates "Late Nite Comic"
Composer/lyricist Brian Gari and book writer Allan Knee will be joined by ONE LIFE TO LIVE star Ilene Kristen for a special event celebrating the musical "Late Nite Comic," at the Drama Book Shop on Thursday, November 13 at 8pm.

The event will include the performance of songs from the musical, as well as signings of the newly published libretto, song folio, 20th anniversary CD, and Gari's book about the show, "We Bombed in New London."

Isaiah Washington calls GREY'S "Disgusting" for firing Brooke Smith
Former GREY'S ANATOMY star Isaiah Washington -- who was axed from the show in 2007 after spewing a homophobic slur at T.R. Knight -- is slamming the show for firing Brooke Smith.

"I looked at a brilliant actress, whom I have adored since I first saw her in Silence of the Lambs," he says in the Nov. 17 issue of TV Guide. "For her to be treated this way, I find very interesting. Now that I see what they're doing to a show that I love and I care about, I think it's disgusting"

DALLAS reunion draws around 1,500 fans
About 1,500 people turned up for this weekend's celebration, which cost about $1,00 per person.

MARK HARDING: Did I say no hope? Scratch that...
"While we sit here and lament the demise of soaps, CBS' Y&R is kicking ASS. Viewership approaches the classic days of yore...just in new ways."

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