Tuesday, November 11, 2008

News Brief

Kanye West moves to '90210'—temporarily
Kanye West is getting a new Zip code, at least on Tuesday. Fans can hear the Chicago-born, hip-hop superstar’s latest hit, “Heartless,” on “90210” Tuesday on the CW. “Heartless” debuts on TV, appropriately enough, during an episode in which West Beverly High School mean girl Naomi tries to ruin Annie and Ethan’s happiness together. The episode is called “Games People Play.”

“Kanye's music is a perfect match for 90210. In this particular episode we get to see the dark side of Naomi and ‘Heartless’ is the perfect underscore for her actions,” Nic Harcourt, “90210’s” music supervisor, said in a statement.

EASTENDERS: Was it really Tanya?
Nikki Beukes at ShuNews is not convinced: "After the dramatic ending in EASTENDERS last night, I’m still not convinced that Tanya did it…It’s not that easy to flee a crime scene in 4″ heels!

With both Bradley and Jack in the frame I’m still inclined to think that Lauren has something to do with it and Tanya is just covering? Well that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!"

CTV's DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION won at the 2008 Directors Guild of Canada Awards for best directing in a family show.

Why is ABC tampering with GREY'S?
Scott Mendelson at the Huffington post writes: "Can you imagine if the ABC execs decided, for whatever reason, that Michael Emerson or Terry O'Quinn just weren't working for them and canned them from LOST? The fans would have a conniption, and rightly so. As far as I know, there has been no tinkering on this level with LOST or DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, so why does GREY'S ANATOMY constantly have its story lines altered at the whim of studio executives? It would be one thing if the show were in a creative and ratings tailspin (cough-HEROES-cough), but the show is still pulling strong ratings and seems to be doing okay artistically."

Cady McClain speaks out on eduction
"It’s a shame, then, that teachers are paid so poorly, and a GOOD education is made so expensive to attain. If we ALL want a better world, shouldn’t the first order of business be an education that ALL can afford? What a difference that would make!

But like any business, schools turn profit into ways to bolster their status, and therefore keep elitism at play in fields that should be reserved for thought. Sigh.

One thing I am grateful to have learned, however, is that one can educated ONESELF. You don’t HAVE to get a degree to get a job, you can study on your own, if you have the interest. Its harder sometimes, but you can follow your own ideas and come up with your own theories!"

Freemantle makes a deal with YouTube
FremantleMedia - the production company behind AMERICAN IDOL and the Australian soap NEIGHBOURS, has made a deal with YouTube. The agreement is for Freemantle to produce TV shows for exclusive use on YouTube. The two companies will split revenues.

"Following a period of creative experimentation, FremantleMedia is cementing its relationship with us for content distribution," Patrick Walker, YouTube's director of video partnerships in Europe, the Middle East and Asia told Media Week.

KCBS-TV Anchor Rick Chambers and actress Kate Linder to emcee 56th Annual Festival of Trees
The 56th annual "Festival of Trees" which benefits abused and at-risk boys and girls served by Optimist Youth Homes & Family Services, is scheduled to be held Monday, December 1 (10 a.m.-3 p.m.) at the Burbank Marriott Hotel & Convention Center (2500 Hollywood Way, Burbank). Television anchor Rick Chambers of KCBS-TV will emcee the fundraiser, which typically displays dozens of elaborately decorated Christmas trees. An accompanying fashion show, produced by Damon & Draper, will be hosted by Kate Linder of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

Soap Opera Digest Editorial Director Lynn Leahey on the 2009 Daytime Emmys
"I was sorry to hear that none of the three networks that air soaps will be airing the Daytime Emmy Awards this year to honor them. But I wasn't surprised. Once upon a time, the Soap Opera Digest Awards aired in primetime on NBC, as a kind of rowdy People's Choice counterpart to the Emmys. But as ratings skidded, televising the Digest Awards didn't make economic sense. Ratings have declined further over the last six years and now the Emmys are in jeopardy, too. I'm not convinced someone won't scoop up the show in some form, but I don't see how the full-scale live productions we've come to expect will be viable. But please, don't let them go away altogether!"

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