Monday, November 24, 2008

FLASHBACK: Thanksgiving Week Recaps 1982

ALL MY CHILDREN: Steve and Nina postponed their rendezvous when Cliff invited Nina to lunch. Daisy became increasingly suspicious of Nina and Steve's relationship. On a date with Sam, Opal ran into Jenny and Greg and realized they are on a double date with Afred and Liza. Opal tossed several insults at Liza, who departed early. Jenny resisted Greg's suggestion that they made love and said she wanted to wait until after they marry. Ellen was irritated when Silver suggested she reconcile with Mark. Ray gave the jewelry he stole from Phoebe to Jenny and told her to pawn it. Ray planned on using cash to pay George for making a bomb to blow up the Martin home. During a heated argument with Angie's father, Frank collapsed.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: John managed to escape James' bullets. Later John confronted James, who admitted he tried to kill John several times. Holding a gun on James, John said he wanted $1-million a year for Margo and Andy in order to keep quiet about James' real parentage. Ellen became concerned because David was furious with John for bothering Dee. Deel told Ellen she's so frightening of John she could kill him. Ellen discovered John's body. Bilan and Gunnar came up with plans to get Barbara out of the hospital. Steve tried to convince Betsy that Craig was only interested in her money. Ariel quit her job at Fashions Ltd.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Tony was unable to stop David and Renee's wedding, but he continued to pester Renee. Neil and Maried shared more than turkey on Thanksgiving. Don and Maggie comforted each other. Enjoying a Mazatlan vacation with Marlena, Roman sensed he was being watched. Chris and Kayla made love. At Marlena's suggestion, Tony agreed to place his mother in a Chicago sanitarium. Woody's second album was to be produced by Tony.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Nikki had a baby girl and Victor wished he were the child's father. Kaye suggested blood tests be taken, but Victor did not want to rock the boat. Allison and Nikki decided to call a truce. Tracy was thrilled to learn Gina is Danny's sister. Aware of the money Tracy's family has, Gina told Danny to court Tracy. Gina sent champagne and flowers to Tracy, who thought they were from Danny. Ashley planned to watch Diane and Jack destroy one another. Robert became upset when Angie called him a bad father, and resented him for keeping the truth about her mother being alive a secret all these years.

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ANOTHER WORLD: Furious with Cecile but wanting Maggie taken care of, Mac set up a trust fund for the child. Unaware Sandy was stringing Cecile along, Mac became quite angry when Sandy spent Thanksgiving with Cecile instead of Blaine. Wanting to go straight, Jason clandestingly helped Steve get goods on the company. Henrietta was pleased when Mac offered to finance a catering company. Larry told Blaine she can move in with him and Clarice until Sandy came to his senses.

TEXAS: Ruby was thrilled when the Times Square message center conveyed word of love to her from Mark. When George pulled the trigger on the gun, Judith ran between the bullet and Grant and was struck in the back. Judith's legs were paralyzed. Mark begged Grant to tell Judith that he loved her. George was killed by T.J. Paige returned to heavy drinking.

CAPITOL: Matt prepared for the big football game, but Danny told Wally that Matt better not play. Wally was relieved when Matt could not play due to a shoulder injury which could keep him out for the season. Realizing she cannot leave Tyler, Sloane prepared to leave Nishoba but she was stopped. Sloane managed to smuggle explosives to Tyler and Joe Luck in a basket of fruit. Lizbeth agreed to be Julie's maid of honor when she weds Larry Barrington. Frank told Larray he knew all about his being Gordon Hull. Frank prepared to tell Sam but held off when Sam came down on him for coming on to Kelly. Thomas decided Lizbeth must choose between him and Jordy. Judson told Julie he'd rather have Sloan for a daughter-in-law than the selfish Julie.

THE DOCTORS: Although Natalie was the chief suspect in Billy's murder, Paul grew closer to her. Adrienne was desperate for Jean-Marc's facial cream in order to keep her youthful look. Matt planned to win Maggie back. When Maggie and Matt were stuck in an elevetor, they could not deny their attraction for each other. Steve snuck another smoke on Thanksgiving Day. When Eric's date, Brooke Shields, caught Steve smoking at the Thanksgiving Day dinner, she chastised him.

THE EDGE OF NIGHT: Did learned from Sid that Joe wanted Troy out of the way. The police did not believe Nora's claim that Miles raped her. Nora took the story to the Star newspaper but they refused to print any names. Buffy set Jim up in a New York producing job, upsetting Val, who wanted Jim to say in town. Ian showered Raven with diamonds, and proposed marriage to her, but she said he's not a good marriage risk. Spencer vetoed Camille's suggestion that they rekindle their romance. The undercover team was blown with one man dead, one seriously injured and one escaped. Pascal is murdered. The phone book was still missing, but the police discovered plans for the Whitney mansion in his home.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Luke got Holly and Charles away from Basil. Basil's double-cross was discovered by Percy. With Basil rejected by family, he planned to snare Luke and Holly. Charles had a seizure and was left behind to recuperate. Luke managed to secure immunity for Holly, but Scotty was working to stop that immunity. Scotty told Leslie whe could have a one-week extension to rescue the sports center funds. Blackie got in trouble with police when trying to aid a friend and Joe bailed him out. Scotty continued to balance Heather and Susan, but his main interest was in baby Jason's millions.

GUIDING LIGHT: With Rebecca released from the hospital, Helena warned Nola she would be hard-pressed to compete for Quint with the glamourous lady. Mark was also released from the hospital. Going through mug books, Jennnifer spotted a photo of Brian but kept silent. Jennifer collapsed and was put on bed rest. Vanessa got hold of Mike's files on Henry and Sean. Amanda planned to fight for the Spaulding presidency without Alan's support. Morgan told Kelly she was not ready for a reconciliation. Lew Oil and Spaulding Enterprises went head-to-head in court.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: After making love to Steve, Karen decided she wanted to return to Larry. Back with Larry, Karen was unable to make love to him. Dee was insulted when Asa suggested she be his mistress. After Mary drew a picture showing herself being torn in two, Will told Jenny she must halt contact with the child. With Blood Moon to be released, Marco wanted out of undercover work, but Ed would not let him off the hook.

RYAN'S HOPE: When a scandal sheet named Seneca a wife-beater, he believed Kirk planted the story. Kirk denied it but Seneca swore revenge. Arriving home while Seneca and Kirk were having a fistfight, Amanda had a spell. This time it was not merely a black-out, but she visualized her sister Lee and yelled, "Don't hurt my sister." Pat told Amanda he would help her try to remember the memories she was blocking. After making love to Siobhan, Joe dreamed she was murdered. When Mitch said he didn't like kids, Faith the pediatrician was put off. The Ryan family and friends fathered for a joyous Thanksgiving Day.

SEARCH FOR TOMORROW: Thanking Warren for saving his life, Brian swore he still would win Suzi's affection. Rusty paid Ringo to harass Liza and Travis with phone calls and break-ins. Although he would be missed, everyone understood when Lee decided to leave Henderson to track down Cissy and Roger Lee. Stephanie was surprised at Andy's well-mannered behavior at Thanksgiving dinner.


  1. Roger - These flashbacks are awesome. I think it would make a great regular feature on here. Maybe every Friday, you can tell us what was happening on each soap in a random year. I have been watching daytime drama for over 30 years, have 2 boxes of "Soap Opera Digest's" when they did theme covers and put the hottest triangles, couples, even murder mystery stories. But, I mostly love picking one out and jumping to the summary section. They were a bi-weekly publication then and the summaries were for 2 weeks worth of story. They were very detailed and produced in a logical manner. Anyway, i just wanted to say they this was a really cool trip down memory lane for me. I would love to see it as a weekly post. Thanks for all your hard work. Longtime, passionate, interested viewers appreciate all of the information, videos, links and love for the genre you give.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I love reading these old recaps (though it makes me feel old to remember this stuff) and glad to see others do as well.

  3. I have to agree, this is a great segment!

    I remember so much of this stuff (which also makes me feel ancient)

    One thing I can't remember at all... can anyone school me on Bilan (ATWT)? I can't remember that character at all. (I loved Ariel, wonder where Judith Blazer is now...) Just reading "Ariel quits her job at Fashions Ltd." sounded more interesting than half of what happens these days.