Tuesday, October 21, 2008

News Brief

EASTENDERS baddie Max left fighting for his life after hit and run... but who was driving?
Since he first moved into Albert Square two years ago, Max Branning has been steadily accruing a list of enemies. As he has been transformed from a cocky, philandering married father-of-two to the broken shell of a man he is today, he no longer has anyone to rely on. So when Max is mowed down by a crazed driver in the Square, there is a list of potential suspects. As the residents of Walford are celebrating Hallowe'en in the Queen Vic, Max is left lying on the pavement fighting for his life after being knocked down by a mysterious driver.

LYNN LICCARDO: Bits and Pieces
"As most readers of this blog have probably surmised, for all my bitching and moaning, I continue to be a regular viewer of AS THE WORLD TURNS (although increasingly I'm asking myself why). Back in June, I reconnected with ONE LIFE TO LIVE (and will be writing more on the polarizing Todd and Marty story soon), and have been loving RYAN'S HOPE on SOAPNet. I know I describe myself as a soap opera critic (although I actually think I function more as an analyst), but I have neither the time nor the inclination to watch the remaining six daytime soaps."

Deep Soap: Loving Tributes
Sara A. Bibel blogs: "Daytime has always excelled as dramatizing the human aspects of disasters. AMC would have achieved greater emotional impact by focusing on the characters reactions to the tornado rather than the tornado itself. Hopefully, that’s what we’re getting today. For the first time ages, I am counting down the hours until the next episode of AMC."

TOM CASIELLO: Fan Interviews
Casiello recently had fans from each soap answer a set of questions. The results are starting to come in.
ATWT Part 1 / ATWT Part 2 / ATWT Part 3
AMC Part 1 / AMC Part 2

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