Wednesday, October 15, 2008

News Brief

Gale Harold's injury will not impact DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES production
Harold has been playing Jackson, the boyfriend of Teri Hatcher's character. Publicist Nancy Seltzer told the AP that Harold fractured his shoulder and "Housewives" creator and executive producer Marc Cherry said he apparently has swelling on the brain, but was expected to recover.

Harold's role was not a permanent one, however, and sources says the accident should not impact the show's production.

"It's something they can work around," sources say. "Production schedules are changing all the time and they will work it out."

TV Guide sold for $1
Ad Age is reporting that OpenGate Capital agreed to pay Macrovision $1 for the unprofitable magazine. In addition, Macrovision is loaning Opengate $9.5 million to help fund the magazine's business.

Kirkwood steps down as HOLLYOAKS producer
Bryan Kirkwood has stepped down as Hollyoaks producer after three years in the role. Lucy Allan will step into Bryan's shoes and will work alongside creative director Tony Wood and the newly-appointed head of production Ian Hopkins.

90210 bumps Jessica Walter to recurring status
Her grandma role has been reduced from a series regular to recurring for the second half of the season.

Jason Priestley to play Brandon... on MY NAME IS EARL
"His character is coincidentally named Brandon, and is Earl’s successful, good-looking cousin," says the show's publicist.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Zach Gilford on the future of Matt Saracen, the series
"They’re going to wait till May [to decide if the show will be renewed]. Every year we find out the week-before upfronts. We’re done the week before Thanksgiving. I’m going to go home and enjoy the holidays with my family, and hopefully get some other work to concentrate on while I wait to find out what’s going on with the show."

Lucci, Shepherd, 3 others added to Super Soap Weekend lineup
More star power has been added to the lineup of Super Soap Weekend, a fan event at Disney's Hollywood Studios on Nov. 15-16.

Sherri Shepherd, co-host of ABC's THE VIEW, has signed on for hosting duties again alongside Cameron Mathison of ALL MY CHILDREN. The duo had the same gigs last year and were also co-hosts of the prime-time telecast of the Daytime Emmy Awards in June.

The status of Susan Lucci's appearance has been settled, ABC says. If the ALL MY CHILDREN star is still competing in DANCING WITH THE STARS, she will appear only at the Saturday Super Soap proceedings. If she has been eliminated by then, she'll be at the Studios both Saturday and Sunday.

Y&R head writer Bell joins MOCA board
Maria Arena Bell, Y&R head writer and arts advocate has joined the board of trustees at L.A.'s Museum of Contemporary Art. Bell, a native Californian, has a high profile in the nonprofit world as a supporter of arts organizations nationwide. At MOCA, she has led the acquisition and collection committee since 2004, and she chaired the museum's over-the-top gala for its Takashi Murakami exhibition in 2007.

SARA A BIBEL: James Reilly: An Appreciation
"Reilly was only 60 years old. His death from the complications of routine surgery is eerily similar to the way another daytime giant Douglas Marland died. Even stranger, TV Guide Canada just published rumors that he was headed back to DOOL. As tragic as his untimely passing is, it seems like Reilly would appreciate that he managed to shock all of daytime one last time."

TOM CASIELLO: Daytime’s Shift into the Night - and Where It Could Go...
"I'm really glad I gave [GENERAL HOSPITAL: NIGHT SHIFT] a chance - it's been revelatory. Ground-breaking, steeped in history, respectful, intelligent, tightly plotted -- I'm really glad I gave it a shot this season. This show definitely has a fan in me.

I have to wonder if maybe we all aren't better off exploring this option. Would you watch a 13-week prime-time ANOTHER WORLD reunion on Soapnet? How about a 13-week RYAN'S HOPE re-imagining? Or 13 weeks of A Martinez and Eden Walker in one final adventure?! Maybe this is where we, daytime fans, writers, and producers alike, need to go, because this little marathon is pretty inspiring."

Chad Allen on his NIGHT SHIFT kiss
"It was fun. He's a wonderful guy," Allen said. "Adam has become a really good friend of mine. He was so willing. He didn't even blink at getting involved in the gay story. He was so committed to it as an actor and as a person. This kiss for me was a really beautiful moment, it really felt very real to me. It felt like I was sharing a moment with my partner. When I put his forehead to my forehead, that;something that my partner and I do all the time. It's one of our most affectionate personal moment and something that just came in the moment."

Former ATWT actor James to appear on ONE TREE HILL
James Van Der Beek will return to his old DAWSON'S CREEK stomping grounds in Wilmington N.C. this month to shoot an episode of ONE TREE HILL that will air in late November. Van Der Beek -- who memorably depicted a serial killer on CRIMINAL MINDS in 2007 -- will play a director who's interested in making a movie out of Lucas' (Chad Michael Murray) novel.

Peck appeared on "BuzzWorthy Radio" on Wednesday afternoon.

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