Monday, October 27, 2008

News Brief

Deep Soap: The Numbers Tell The Story
Sara A. Bibel blogs: "[NIGHT SHIFT's ratings] decline is disheartening to all of us who enjoyed it. My personal theory is that all the people who were disappointed with season one did not bother to sample season two. Another possibility is that many viewers actually did tune in to see Jason and all the GH: Original Recipe characters that appeared on the show. Those of us who enjoyed their absence might have been a minority,. Perhaps the mothership’s declining ratings impacted awareness and interest in the spin-off. Airing opposite THE DAILY SHOW during the lead-up to the election didn’t help. Whatever the cause, the numbers are disappointing for those of us who hoped the show would prove that a return to classic soap storytelling would save the genre."

Reigning Gay of the Week: Luke Snyder, ATWT
Your votes have been tabulated, and AS THE WORLD TURNS' spunky-yet-virginal budding gay activist Luke Snyder has unseated GENERAL HOSPITAL: NIGHT SHIFT's Dr. Kyle Julian as the Reigning Gay of the airwaves.

John Legend Goes Daytime, Primetime and Late Night on CBS
With an eagerly-awaited new album, "Evolver," slated for release on Tuesday, October 28, the multi-platinum-selling multiple-Grammy-winning artist John Legend has joined forces with CBS Television Network to help launch the album. On October 30, CBS is also featuring John's new song "Cross the Line" on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, the top rated daytime drama for nearly 20 straight years.

Spirtas and McDermott Are Jersey Men Oct. 27 in Los Angeles
Singing actors Kevin Spirtas and Sean McDermott join forces Oct. 27 to raise money for the American Red Cross Hurricane Fund.

Fran Brill, a puppeteer with SESAME STREET, will headline a brunch at the Orange County Regional History Center Nov. 9. Brill created many loveable Muppets and has many film and television credits including ALL MY CHILDREN and HOW TO SURVIVE A MARRIAGE (which won her an Afternoon TV Best Actress Award).

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