Tuesday, October 21, 2008

News Brief

More on Lucci's foot injury
Susan Lucci’s foot injury, suffered two weeks ago, turned out to be much more serious than originally thought.

After feeling discomfort, Susan went to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where a doctor diagnosed her with a fractured left foot. When the doctor gave her the go-ahead to dance, however, the actress bravely performed the hustle with pro Tony Dovolani, for which she got a score of 22.

“My foot feels fine. No pain right now," reveals the ALL MY CHILDREN star. "I’m taking it a week at a time and I’m hoping me and Tony’s fans will continue to vote for us.”

Said Tony, “It just goes to show you that this is a sport and a lot more people are being injured this season because it’s a little bit more grueling schedule. Everybody’s really pushing themselves to the limit.”

Tune In Tamara: AMC Plot Twisters Surround Bianca's Return
"I wasn't expecting to do another soap so soon after Days but this is a story that's groundbreak­ing and overdue," Tamara Braun says. "Two female soap characters having a baby together is unprecedented. I wanted to be a part of something that could have a strong and posi­tive impact and help give same-sex couples their rightful place in the world of daytime drama. Reese is a strong, independent woman," notes Braun. "She's also very warm and real and very expressive with her feelings. And she's madly in love with Bianca. It's the kind of love you can't describe, the kind of love Reese has never known before."

INTERVIEW: Y&R's Eileen Davidson
"My entire life has given me inspiration on this book. I didn't go out to expose anyone. I'm not being sneaky and mean; I'm just coloring my characters in such a way of you know, people I've met through life, and worked with but, very loosely. I've always been really interested in forensics. I've been a COLD CASE and CSI junkie for years. I just decided to write something that was interesting to me. And I thought Alex was a fun character. She's an actress but she's kind of an amateur detective too."

Arkansas Television Anchor Attacked in Home
Anne Pressly, 26, the morning anchor for KATV-TV in Little Rock, was found by her mother at about 4:30 a.m. lying in her bed and bleeding from "severe injuries," police said.

"We do believe she was beaten," Sgt. Cassandra Davis of the Little Rock Police Department told FOXNews.com. She said the injuries were to the upper body and included stab wounds.

According to her resume on the Internet Movie Database, the ABC anchor played a news commentator in Oliver Stone's new movie, "W." She also played a sorority girl on AS THE WORLD TURNS.

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